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The Labour Party Leader

I am opposed to people who don't play the game getting paid more than the minimum wage. This is outrageous that he can speak against my interests when he knows full well that because of the British Raj people want to nuke the UK. He can only talk about issues that are within the scope of his role, I think nuclear weapons should be a banned subject for those outside of the industry. He should be talking about compensating me for hardship before Trident or the EU to play the game that enables him to get to his position of responsibility, otherwise he is creating a situation he can't handle for himself - a psychotic episode. He is below me in standing in British society and his works count for less than mine already.

Gravitational waves

The problem is that this could be used to alter the past in the future... Using gravitational waves from the past, you can interact with them, via supernova type of events using singularities or on larger scales, collapsing galaxies into their supermassive blackholes, and alter the phase velocity of the wave so that there is a reverse ripple moving backwards in time along the path the wave propagates along through space and time, these reverse ripple waves would then randomly affect events as the gravitational wave resonance will affect the same physics experiment in different ways as the scientist of the future attempts to communicate with the scientist of the past, rendering this discovery controversial... - only joking! We may have to collapse the Universe to get back to the reality talked about by Jesus and prophesied in the Old Testament: "Heaven and Earth may pass away, but the word of Christ will never pass away."