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Sonar, Beasties and the Quest for Green Power

Marine Renewable Energies Philippe Blondel University of Bath, Centre for Space, Atmosphere and Ocean Science (formerly worked for the French Air Force earlier in his career) BRLSI 29 th May 2015 Fish could get injured by tidal power, their behaviour plus that of seals etc and diving birds needs to be observed to assess how safe underwater turbines would be. From observations through spot checks and day long observations built up over a long period of time it can be shown that the prototype underwater turbines on the seabed would be safe from interactions with marine life. ·          People don’t disclose when things go wrong installing the wave turbines because they don’t want to disclose commercial secrets. ·          Little noise pollution from acoustic sensitivity analysis of turbines noise pollution ·          Up to 29 TW capacity for tidal power in Atlantic basin ·          Up to 7 TW of potential tidal power in Pacific basin Tidal power is more reliable

More of a Paean by William Gaskell

Bath, 26 th May 2015 Think about where you belong If you don't want to have to behave or conform, then you can always find another way to perform those acts you deem necessary to be you to me.   Why not move to the city of your choosing? Influence the policy of the local yeomanry so that you are not considered a sex offender, by me, but a player.   I know it's tough, when the guy whose got your back calls you a loser but it's not just about education: it's the extraneous factor.   So why not just get involved in society, at last, extinguish those fears that hark back to the past when you were allowed to be like that?   If you listen to me, I would let you be free, if you would like it, but you must acknowledge that slavery exists and so you should be quiet;   Unless, of course, you have something to say, which would help in some way, a considered opinion; health, safety and the environment at heart.   If you have ever crashed a house part

Mr William Gaskell OE BSc MSc’s Thoughts on David Cameron’s Government May 2015 Cabinet

Preamble quoted from BBC  News on 12/05/2015 at 17:02 Prime Minister David Cameron is completing his cabinet reshuffle, with a number of leading female ministers being handed big promotions. Amber Rudd is Energy and Climate Change Secretary while Anna Soubry and Priti Patel will attend Cabinet as small business and employment ministers. Boris Johnson will not be made a minister but will attend separate Tory "political cabinet" meetings. Grant Shapps moved from party chairman to international development minister. BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said the new job for Mr Shapps, who had a high-profile role in the Conservative election campaign, appeared to be a demotion. In a break from putting the team together, Mr Cameron met his team of new MPs and was roundly applauded by backbench Conservative MPs as he spoke to the influential 1922 committee for the first time since winning a majority. In other appointments anno

A poem of sorts by William Gaskell

Bath, 23 rd May 2015 Dreaming of Love Divine Thinking about my life as the cigarette smoke screen clears. I wonder what it will reveal to those who have been fighting me? Marvellous splendour? Glory? Power? Love? Sex? Happiness? Might? Light? Good eye-sight? An insult or a slight? The end of your life? I would hope not a target in your sights, but the victor of the fight. A man with a wife; a beginning of all the good things in my life. I had two partners in crime, I did not enjoy my time with them in mind, so one is now gay and the other an easy lay; a cock-sucker. All the real things in life will come true for free because of God. So sayeth me.

Bristol Avon Regatta (BAR) 2015