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Mr William Gaskell OE BSc MSc’s Thoughts on David Cameron’s Government May 2015 Cabinet

Preamble quoted from BBC  News on 12/05/2015 at 17:02
Prime Minister David Cameron is completing his cabinet reshuffle, with a number of leading female ministers being handed big promotions.
Amber Rudd is Energy and Climate Change Secretary while Anna Soubry and Priti Patel will attend Cabinet as small business and employment ministers.
Boris Johnson will not be made a minister but will attend separate Tory "political cabinet" meetings.
Grant Shapps moved from party chairman to international development minister.
BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said the new job for Mr Shapps, who had a high-profile role in the Conservative election campaign, appeared to be a demotion.
In a break from putting the team together, Mr Cameron met his team of new MPs and was roundly applauded by backbench Conservative MPs as he spoke to the influential 1922 committee for the first time since winning a majority.
In other appointments announced on Monday:
Sajid Javid moves to Business Secretary from Culture Secretary
Greg Hands becomes George Osborne's number two in the Treasury as Chief Secretary
Veteran Tory MP John Whittingdale becomes Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
Greg Clark is promoted from Universities Minister to Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
Robert Halfon named as deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and minister without portfolio
Oliver Letwin joins the cabinet as head of the Cabinet Office while Matt Hancock becomes Paymaster General and Minister for Civil Service and Efficiency
Iain Duncan Smith remains as work and pensions secretary while Justine Greening stays at international development
Patrick McLoughlin has been reappointed transport secretary while Liz Truss stays as environment secretary
Jeremy Hunt remains at health while Theresa Villiers continues as Northern Ireland Secretary
Stephen Crabb stays in place as Welsh Secretary; David Mundell takes the Scottish Secretary post
Baroness Stowell remains as leader of House of Lords and takes on the role of Lord Privy Seal
Mr Shapps will be replaced as chairman by Lord Feldman
Wishing that Baroness Stowell could sort my problems out.
Andrew Feldman representing the Notting Hill Set by the grace of God!
Got to have David Mundell in government!
Stephen Crabb is a bit of a lad, now and then he goes a bit mad, but he's not so bad, Dave.
I like Theresa Villiers. Nice one, Dave.
Jeremy Hunt is a good guy, decent of Dave to keep him on after he went to a school like Charterhouse, they have a reputation for shagging sheep.
Liz Truss for President of Jamaica!
Patrick McLoughlin could have an interesting personality but he seems dead Tory.
Tea break.
Justine Greening is a woman - have a fucking medal for being a Britisher.
Good show Iain Duncan Smith, chin up, mate!
Matt Hancock is the best and his wife is beautiful, you are on to a winner there @David_Cameron!
To Oliver Letwin I would say this: "Birdie num num!".
Let's hope that Robert Halfon will be glad to see the fascist regime taking itself seriously.
Greg Clark may just be a stab in the dark.
John Whittingdale, oh dear what can the matter be? Three old ladies got stuck in the lavatory, they were there from Monday 'til Saturday...
Greg Hands appointment seems like an inspired move by Dave.
Sajid Javid is being prepared for a great fall like humpty dumpty. He should reconsider himself superfluous in order to ingratiate himself.
Hoping Grant Shapps will get all those Tory Buffoons/British Expats working tax credit abroad so that they would seem wealthy & middle class
Boris Johnson could've/should've/would've been made deputy Prime Minister and that would have doubled his pay packet.
Anna Soubry is a great supporter of free speech - boldly getting out there in spite of terrible humiliation being exposed to superior wit.
Priti Patel seems like a numpty, most people like her have relinquished their caste names in India.
Who is Amber Rudd? An interesting selection by Dave. I hope he is being Cyprian St Cyr rather than philandering buffoon.
Thinking about George Osborne - not sure if it was him who asked me for the time in Bath but I knew it to the second without checking my watch on that day - I am a fitness freak.
Also thinking of Michael Gove as Justice Minister, I hope he clamps down on women sex offenders because it compromises my health and safety and the environment I live in and my ability to work that I can't get dates participate in society by having sex with women I fancy.
Thinking of the American Founding Fathers William Penn, Peter Minuit and Peter Stuyvesant and how their influence has shaped our world.

Paris looks stunningly and delightfully beautiful in London.


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