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We are mighty full of ourselves now, aren't we?

Vice-President Communications, Anthony Gaskell OE.

Formula 1 needs more money in it to go back to how it was before. They need to get more serious.
  1. This is reminiscent of the good old days, the jet-set life and clean country living, where furniture and furnishings were made to the highest possible standard and there was no compromise on quality.

Bad eye sight is like bad posture, it can be corrected without drugs or mechanical support.
  1. Eye-sight is a skill just as much as it is a transient attribute, many Opticians and others would say that eye-sight degrades with age and I would call them eccentric as typically one can expect that eye-sight would improve with age unless there was a problem. Ageing is a disease.

A white British man with a PIO card as a businessman in Dubai, disappointed at a meeting.
  1. It is believed that Indians are descended from white-skinned peoples and that the truest Indians still have the whitest palest skin complexion. Nonetheless a British Citizen from India would be a Person of Indian Origin.

hey what's up? #chat
  1. I often have said this to people, it is very American and it is just a way of making inane conversation, rather than necessarily enquiring as to the current state of the human condition.

Black Swan is a decent film, I liked the scene where Natalie Portman masturbates.
  1. This film won an Oscar film award although it was made with extremely shoddy camera work which made me feel a bit sea-sick.

You have no rights. You can expect to get married from life otherwise all that you love will turn to ashes in your mouth for your arrogance.
  1. I don’t really understand what this phrase means, it is meant to be some kind of simile or rather a metaphor and I think what I have said implies that living without this expectation from life or being too avaricious as a lawyer will lead to a distasteful existence.

Your human rights quote is bogus. I only like it if it is done my way i.e. My Will, Comply or Die, etc... (the Grand National)
  1. This was said in reference to EDesforges comment: “"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..." Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” I was commenting that the horses that I bet on at the grand National were the favourites and they didn’t win.

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
  1. This comment seem particularly poignant to me as it is double edged. I am wondering how isolated most individual British people are. this article is bogus and misleading that piece of legislation mentioned was vetoed.
  1. This one is definitely poignant as to how abuse the legislature is currently.

Why do people expect to be respected at street level without having been to Eton College?
  1. This is a difficult and awkward question to pose as I am talking about the common British psyche, with the upcoming threatened closure of the Sun Newspaper this question raises doubts as to whether the Sun is creating the correct impression about OEs. I feel that this question is more of a challenge to people who maybe are intolerant of others or participate in Anti-Social Behaviour as I feel that I am better than others for being a Public School type and especially because of my Old Etonian status. Therefore I can’t understand what drives people or what makes them think they are better than me and how shallow and vain is the world? A very difficult question indeed.

Just say 'No' May 5th. No I won't cut my penis off. No you can't fuck my girlfriend. No you can't mug me. No I won't eat your shit. etc#Yes
  1. There was a campaign to change the electoral vote system in the UK to a system similar to the Australian system which was defeated or quashed recently and that coincided with the recent local elections, in 2011.

90% of 'white' Americans have just been diagnosed with genetic and hereditary neurological conditions. #La belle indifférence.
  1. I can’t fathom what prompted this comment, I suppose that the American Citizen stereotype suffers from “La belle indifference” meaning that they are unconcerned about the technical conditions they are suffering from regardless of their physical symptoms. This reminds me of a film I saw in Mental Health Hospital Callington Road which a fellow patient called Aqueel brought in the film on DVD which we watched together where Harrison Ford plays Dr. Robert Stonehill and Brendan Fraser plays John Crowley in the film "Extraordinary Measures”. Where some rich guy makes up some medicine for Pompe Disease, I think that is the real problem, we are all so obsessed with our mortality that we forget about our immortality, we could live forever if the law did not enforce every man dying.

"He's just a troubled, middle-class kid growing up in a harsh environment."
  1. Almost any policeman could know any youth using this phrase.

"First, learn to use the eyes then, see very well"
  1. Here I am imitating a Chinese-style proverb, a mock Sun Tzu quote and it is said seriously as a government agent encouraging good eye-sight. I am dubious as to my use of the comma in this phrase which is probably inspired by authentic Chinese phraseology.

"If it is a fight we are to make we would make it at the front line."
  1. This one is a parody on a line from the film “Last of the Mohicans” where one of the American men being asked to join to British Colonial Militia gives his opinion to the others as he wanted to get terms of service from General Webb himself first in Albany. This is an outrage! Rio fired from his job for a false allegation would really be harassment.
  1. This was an incident which came to light that a woman who a footballer called Rio Ferdinand knew stopped her from meeting him and now David Cameron the Prime Minister is proposing to criminalise stalking of women by men in response to International Women’s Day 2012.

magistrates do not have the legal jurisdiction to deal with criminal matters
  1. This assertion I made in response to people becoming “official” magistrates to match my status as a former Public School Boy (Public Schools Acts) Old Etonian which generally means that I am superior to the rank of magistrate in terms of an improved and independent status in law in the Unite Kingdom – essentially a magistrate generally lacks the capacity to castigate me as I am both his physical and legal superior.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. Plato
  1. This is something that could happen and I feel that it did happen to me in my particular situation although I doubt the accuracy or veracity of the stated source – Plato.

@edesforges That sounds more like 'spin' than NLP! You ought to respect this comment.
  1. This is in response to someone suggesting a change of thoughts + LIFE by using NLP, neuro-linguistic programming which is in fact now being used in schools to improve academic and social performance.

LEGAL ADVICE: In life there are two types of question; those with two possible answers and others.
  1. This is something someone once said to me at a party I went to in Salisbury I thought it was a constructive comment because it is very good advice in preparation for an interview. why are the courts wasting time with this and not treating my legal cases properly??
  1. The news seems to be full of paedophile and sex cases which always seem suspect because of the nature of what is involved.

What about police corruption? Surely that harasses you. It harasses me!
  1. Putting a thought out there I am highlighting that police corruption exists and that it makes a difference.

@ASPolice You would have to charge Stuart Box for that! Stop wasting time
  1. The local police department has a very bad reputation for discipline within their organisation and in fact come across as more of a mafia than a police constabulary which is because they choose to avoid the harsh realities of hierarchy and equality and propagate and anti-liberty approach when speaking to me.

The police are no better than a mafia. I bet they even get jealous and make trouble if you have more money or friends or women.
  1. A comment inspired by the beat – life at street level walking around in the centre of Bath one starts to see patterns in the behaviour of association and interactions and that it matters.

The police are one of the special protected tribes in the UK. They have a different ethnicity to the rest of us. #virgins
  1. This comment was inspired by my father who flippantly said to me that Police are all a tribe and their behaviour is generally tribal.

Is the word 'cop' short for 'copping it' or cop out? It would seem a likely root to that particular word.
  1. It is clear that I have invested a lot of time with the police and I am not satisfied with the results.

'Police Constable' would seem like the typical oxymoron.
  1. This is one of the many little ironies that punctuate the English language, a constable would seek to gain authority while police would seek to moderate behaviour in line with the official policy, essentially one would use force and one would use peaceful means.

Uk definition of a Gendarme: "An armed man trusted to kill those he chooses."
  1. This was published on the internet so it is my definition, using the internet is one outlet to participate in the development of the English language. I mean that the Gendarme will shoot at who he chooses rather than who someone else or the criminal chooses. It is a difficult situation.

Definition of Police: "Middle-class people employed by the government to live by the current laws".
  1. I say “Middle-class” as I mean they are not “criminals or vagabonds” which are the lowest class. These people are offered a safe job and are made to police each other’s behaviour in line with the government laws and legislation to keep them form falling in to a depraved state and to stop them from becoming criminals.

What's the difference between a policeman and policewoman? "Shut the fuck up."
  1. This is an inexplicable comment made on the spur of the moment as I was becoming quite involved in shaping the policeman of tomorrow.

When is a policeman NOT a policeman?
  1. This is a joke and not a serious question. I was challenging some people’s perceptions as to exactly what is considered acceptable for a policeman to do in terms of an arrest and what is not within what is accepted of their behaviour – what action would lead to a policeman being dismissed from his official job.

What is the police eyesight standard? 20/20
  1. It is generally accepted that police need to have the 20/20 vision standard of eye-sight in order to do their jobs.

When do Police make arrests? When they have PERMISSION.
  1. Policemen generally have limited responsibility and to fulfil their role as a public service they need permission to take action such as arresting someone beyond their station in life and regrettably they would only be fulfilling their role as police if they regulated their own behaviour so that they only used their position of authority over those that they had already gained authority over rather than using being a policeman to overcome a disadvantaged background by not moderating their own behaviour and acknowledging the limit of their jurisdiction or personal authority.

Why do police have to treat some people better than others? They are bound by the LAW.
  1. It would seem that someone is getting “better treatment” than someone else if they are not arrested for doing something that an inferior would be arrested for so in order for their to be equality we must acknowledge that there is a hierarchy and a formal hierarchy in any country which is generally enshrined in law so that a policeman would have to treat their superiors better in order to avoid falling foul of the system. I am saying that they should be guided by the principle of equality and that means that some people have worked harder for more benefits than others who maybe are newer or less experienced or less well-educated.

Why can police not help their friends and mess their enemies up? It would lead to violence.
  1. This is where corruption in policing makes a difference, police must treat everyone properly so that they are agents for the government and work for the peace. If they start acting inappropriately they would become compromised and it would lead to a break down of their function as police. As they are only minor officials their personal opinions should not matter.

When does a policeman become a politician? When he loses it. (Constructive Dismissal)
  1. This is another joke, a policeman would need to change the law in order to continue with his life if he loses his job. He is not meant to have an opinion and if he was to rise above his station he should then take a more appropriate job description like politician if he is having to keep the mob at bay or lawyer if he feels he can communicate his points in a court of law.

When would a policeman have to arrest a woman and bring her to my house? When I instruct him to.
  1. This is what I would use police for, as agents of the peace. As there are new laws against stalking coming in to effect it would be necessary to use legal means in order to secure female sexual partners and one of the methods is to use the police to have a sex partner by using my influence over them I can then secure someone appropriate, I think this should be an option open to me within reason, like parliamentary expenses are granted to sitting Members of Parliament.

Why do police have to arrest Women for Harassment in the UK? It is part of the job.
  1. I am trying to explain to police what I want from them as a government service and what I expect from their behaviour more generally. Women particularly are not well-represented at all the most official schools in Britain and as a result arrogantly choose to pursue a course of behaviour which I would describe as harassment.

Police owe me money over the Frances Ritson affair.
  1. Just like I feel that I am owed money by the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the U. K.’s involvement in the Gulf War and the disruption to my life that caused I feel that the police did not behave well with me and offered me very poor service when I was being harassed or bullied by this woman at university and as a result I have subsequently suffered many physical and psychological injuries from attacks I have suffered and other deprivations.

Prison is for Police!
  1. Policemen who mis-behave or make mistakes or just fall in to trouble through no cause of their own working in an official capacity as a policeman is who I would want sent to prison simply because they have harassed me in the past but it is a crime.

Police who mess up are liable to spend time recovering in prison.
  1. Let me be clear I want prisons to ideally be places where people can sort themselves out and since policemen generally “know the system” they are the ones who need to prove they are well-behaved to avoid being locked-up in a prison until they cook off and not their superior or their boss for example who would probably be influential enough to never go to prison for any crime.

Police do not have the power of arrest over 50% of individuals
  1. Most people would have more authority than the police in most situations and the police would need to be both “invited” and “instructed” to take action such as arresting someone. They always rely on their power of arrest and in many situations I can see a policeman facing at least one week in a prison cell for misconduct in arresting someone who has a lawyer or who has legal experience superior to that of the individual arresting police constable. Only some people give the individual police officers that much authority over themselves and their conscience prevents them from having power over the majority of people.

Individual police are as respected as you think they are
  1. Sometimes it is obvious that a policeman is out of his depth speaking to you and that is a common case of harassment in police jargon you can say common harassment or common misconduct.

#Police must ensure that people are treated fairly and equally
  1. This is the role of police in the modern world and all their other activities are subsidiary and subordinate to that.

#Police must always arrest lower class suspects as the police always have this right
  1. To maintain law and order the rich, hard working and well-educated middle-class British people are always given the benefit of the doubt over the uneducated alienated vagabond. This is the most essential part of police doctrine as in a court of law the high and mighty can be brought down and only if they criminal is treated properly will the environment improve.

#Police must never interfere with their superiors
  1. In societies or countries where the police don’t exist as in feudal states and the kingdoms of history we know there were no police and we know that society continued to function without them, if police were to start being corrupt and arresting their superiors I would deem this to be an attack on liberty as it would create problem where the powerful people in charge are disaffected with their lives and it could herald the complete breakdown of the system.

#Police must always support the law and bear Justice in mind
  1. This is another thing I am suggesting the police do to carry out their function as sometimes they forget.

#Police are there to do my bidding
  1. I am speaking here as judicial authority and I would hope to gain the position of Police Commissioner as one of my positions of responsibility as I am demonstrating what it takes to be able to maintain law and order.

#Police are paid by the government so that I have a good time
  1. I am the person who benefits from there being a police service as I have more to lose than a criminal or vagabond so therefore I want the police to protect me from having to spend my time dealing with these types of people as I would rather be free to enjoy the finer things of life, culture and society. Police are paid to do the work for the rest of us so that we can reliably avoid confrontations.

#Police can only send you to prison if it will help you
  1. Many of the laws are worded to stop “decent” people from ending up in prison. Prisons are mainly designed to hold either policemen who need to be punished or criminals who are being reformed so that they can re-enter society in a more productive role.

#Police are not gendarmes, I am a gendarme!
  1. As I have a different view as to what a gendarme is I was trying to be a gendarme in order to be more fearsome. I am not really a gendarme as they are now generally acknowledged to fulfil a police role in the modern world, I like to think of gendarmes more in the romantic sense a knights with guns and possessing a gun in this manner increases an individual’s power and authority.

  1. I want to find out everything. Life is always a competition and I want to find out all the information. I am unhappy that a policeman can find things out that I can’t because I pride myself on my communication skills.

#Police get paid because I GET PAID
  1. I want to highlight that it is part of the police mandate to make sure that I get paid the same as they get paid, though I would be paid more than them.

  1. This is more of an opinion as corrupt police could fall in to depravity and become what is known at street level as a “public loser”.

#police work for the government and their superiors
  1. In the climate of the recent anti-capitalist protest “occupy” movement and the London riots the police may have become confused an disorientated to what is needed from them in terms of who exactly their superiors are and who the government really is in what is essentially a constitutional democracy in the constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Let me be clear that an officer of the government generally can outperform the typical worker in any field as described by John Stuart Mill in his essay On Liberty as he would primarily be concerned with the smooth running of the country and so to fulfil this criteria laid down so many years ago generally the government officers come from the best schools, the British Public Schools. This being an officially recognised pathway by me to becoming an officer of the government. So really it is the capitalists who the police are working for as the capitalists are generally members of the government as members of the public.

#police can arrest MAGISTRATES for being ARROGANT
  1. I have an agenda against “magistrates” as I feel they are inferior to Public School educated capitalists in terms of a legal qualification. Being schooled at an official Public School would place on beyond the power of a typical magistrate as that is the system. I feel that about 50% of people are powerful enough to consider themselves magistrates in Britain and the majority of those people are not as qualified as the 1% educated at Public School. I have found it is arrogance that comes before a fall rather than pride.

#Police CORRUPTION is considered HARASSMENT in the UK and is punishable with up to six months in PRISON.
  1. The law governing protection from harassment states that custodial sentences of up to six months can be made in harassment cases. I want to make it really straightforward that police corruption leads to prison for the officers involved and this is an everyday occurrence like in the Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizae’s case where he made an arrest deemed to be a wrongful arrest.

#Police have to always appease Upper Class youths first
  1. This is my policy of only arresting people who can benefit from the prison system, successful people should not be harassed by the police as it would drive them to poverty rather than improving their security.

#Police must always acknowledge your superior qualifications
  1. This is crucial to my policing policy I am instructing police to find out who they are dealing with, typically police have tried to arrogantly set aside obvious superior qualifications that I posses to be rude and insulting to me personally. I found this experience unpleasant and I would have felt “policed” had they been balanced in their approach to speaking to me. This would have improved the utility of the government’s system. I feel that the police are behind the recession because they are obliged to recognise people’s official qualifications such as being Public School educated which is relevant in terms of the law and by creating unnecessary problems for these types of people it has created a hostile environment by reducing these people’s capability or capacity to work by burdening them with being arrested rather than working for them. Police are meant to save everyone time by policing the government’s systems and often they don’t stick to their mandate and this corruption has become endemic and is now called a recession.

#Police are punishable by death for not accepting the law. Politicians are not the police.
  1. I don’t agree with the death penalty and I feel that police who start endangering my safety are likely to be murdered in “self-defence”. This is why I think they should obediently work for their superiors by accepting the law and sticking to it in their dealings with everyone.

#Police are known to behave badly
  1. Often this goes without saying and I have to say it to make sure that people are aware of this possibility in any police case.

#Police have acted irrationally
  1. I can’t understand or explain their behaviour in terms of the laws of the country, my experience of police is limited to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and particularly the Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

#Police must remember they are only middle-class operatives
  1. Police often go crazy and start working for their enemies. The most successful middle-class people who are capitalists are the people that the police system work for and when they stop working for these people we have a recession. They often forget who their masters are and bite the hand that feeds, leading to a direct reduction in police numbers of up to 25%.

#Police must always arrest the lower caste suspect to maintain their own dignity.
  1. This is how I propose to maintain order in society. In a dispute, for example a fight or physical altercation or some other type of police matter like domestic disturbance the policeman must respect for example the Physicist’s superiority over a lesser qualification. Physics is the top of the pyramid in terms of society qualification. So if there is a dispute the physicist is the authority on what evidence can be admitted to the case. In more everyday terms who gets arrested if someone gets attacked and the assailant claims it was him who was attacked is determined by who the policeman feels he is superior to. The vagabond must always be arrested.

#Police treat all clients with 20/20 vision AT ALL TIMES
  1. This guidance comes from my experience of the police, when in the custody suit of the police station I was in a cell and I was isolated from the outside environment and I started to practice using my eyes by improving the accuracy of my focussing ability and it improved in the 4 hours I was incarcerated, subsequently on release outside of the protection of the custody suit my eye-sight regressed to its former level. This means that my ability to see was not being arrested which is what I feel that my optician did to me and I feel saying this comment on Twitter led to that situation. Police are a service even to the vagabonds and must treat all, including the criminals as clients or customers.

#Police have bad manners and will lose in court
  1. Police are limited in their ability otherwise they would take a more senior role in the government pyramid for example a lawyer or doctor or MP or physicist all outrank a lowly policeman.

#Police are ALWAYS less believable than those with a valid #Physics degree certificate in court
  1. I believe I significantly improved my qualification by getting a certificate in physics by undertaking a degree course in that subject as because of the scientific nature of physics I am authority on what actually happened, what the evidence is. What I say is what the evidence is rather than what a lawyer says. Police are less qualified although if a policeman has a physics degree they would participate in court as a physicist as that is their superior qualification in society.

#Police could not have saved the two Brits who died in Florida from their own arrogance. The James' were not respected because of me.
  1. This is some kind of sinister confession; I am trying to communicate how seriously the behaviour of associations and interactions matter. Two English people called James who were friends were murdered in Florida even though one was a rugby captain and the other a tennis champion both of which qualifications I have in a very limited amount of success. They suffered as a result of the campaigns against me personally and it led to this double murder.

#Police would typically posthumously implicate the Brits who died in Florida of every technical rape they committed on other people's women.
  1. I am sure this kind of thing happened, I was trying to encourage the police t realise that these two men only died for their arrogance as they must have upset some women during the course of their lives towards their eventual murder in Florida and I was trying to get the police to test the world to see if anyone would claim to have been raped by one of these two after they got murdered.

#Police "It is impossible to find upon the retina of a victim a portrait of its murderer" Maxime Vernois, 1869
  1. I found this quote in a book about eye-sight and it is in reference to some policemen who believe that they can find out exactly the circumstances of what happened in a murder by looking upon the deceased victims eyes. Maxime Vernois undertook a scientific study of this phenomenon and could find no scientific basis on which to support the veracity or implementation of this type of police investigation.

@Axioxratia What can I say? I am a former rugby captain who won tennis tournaments as a kid. They are both rapists - I am a lawyer.
  1. This is part of my campaign in response to my comment on the two Britons killed in Florida, I was trying to make an issue of the murders.

@Axioxratia Rape is when you tell the woman she has been raped and then you prosecute the man based on evidence.
  1. I was trying to be as contentious as the law was to me in regards to the money I am owed. I don’t like how society in Britain has conducted itself over this issue as I feel that “rape” should be abolished. Most cases of rape just seem like harassment to me because I believe in equality so women can defend themselves against men and what some people think of rape might just be what others think of “cashing-in” on the system is or using one authority to get satisfaction from society so I believe a lot of the time women harass men and serious rape is a case where someone gets someone else’s wife pregnant against the married couple’s and society’s wishes.

Got attacked in front of the podium. I told the ambulance that it was due to Frances Ritson's campaign of harassment going back to 2005.
  1. I was walking down to the police station after having spoken to the police on the phone as I was going to see the beat manager to follow up on my complaint about a woman who had been harassing me at Bristol University and subsequently and I was attacked by a random person as I was waiting to cross the street in the centre of town. There were many people around and when I called the police someone stayed with me in the ambulance and I said I had cautioned the guy who attacked me for threatening behaviour as he said he was going to break someone’s jaw to me.

"He's just a troubled, middle-class kid growing up in a harsh environment."
  1. This could and should be said about almost anyone in Britain, I probably am commenting on my own situation and I have used this to relate to all the people I want to talk to who are maybe more difficult to relate to than the people who have no problems in their life as I generally adopt the “easy-going” attitude where I stay calm and collected and take the easiest route I can through life and I am sure it costs me nothing!

I want the super-zoom for shots of children's faces! #photography
  1. Cameras are advertised with lines like “capture the detail of the children’s faces with this lens” so I wanted to make them advertise to me. Lots of people must have some sick kind of awkwardness when it comes to photographing children as it is very easy to accuse people of the crime of “paedophilia” in relation to this so it is probably more for the parent of the child to take that kind of attitude, I was probably made more of a parent for saying it.

I'm waiting for the summer to make some films with my new pornography camera!
  1. This did not happen, I was trying to sow a seed in the subconscious of the young ladies in my locality and sadly I could not engineer a situation where I could meet some likely people to make this happen. I had bought a new Olympus digital camera expensively for £330 which is now still selling for £250 in Currys although it is incredibly outdated by now. I hope to take at least one decent photograph with it before I buy my next one and I have been seeing some likely people around recently all I now am working out how to safely approach them to use my camera for pornography.

@ASPolice That's the lamest thing you've done - they might all give up!
  1. I was trying to encourage the police to behave themselves in Bath as they have a known communication problem with a lot of people including myself so I was attempting to represent my interests with their agency as it is the only way I could get them to behave properly with me, some companies most notably a company that supplies the New York Police department via an online shop with laser guns, tasers and pepper spray admits to having worked for 10 years to earn the New York police’s respect. They were hacked by the #Antisec group which has recently been broken up by the police ring after they had captured one of the leaders of the hacking group Lulzsec.

Hey how come Marie-Louise Chaldecott from Facebook didn't get arrested for Harassment?
  1. I am annoyed that there have been arrests for people abusing people via Facebook and I have been the victim of this. I created a campaign to get this woman arrested for harassing me and nothing has happened as a result of my campaign. So I make mentions of this on Twitter so that if someone searches for her they have this as one of the search results a bit like an entry-level criminal record.

@Axioxratia That's a strange thing to say on Twitter
  1. I am implicating this fall-guy who I randomly found through the Twitter recommendation for the bizarre comments he is making. Typically these type of people try to use spin to corrupt the meaning of a communication and so I was appropriately cautioning him at the same time as promoting my own credibility. There is a very fine lie to walk here as some people know how to react to these type of situations and still profit so the key is to profit from using an incident on someone else that you have already been the victim of – using your own experience. it is probably a case of natural causes. #G20
  1. From how this was reported it seemed as if the man who died at police hands during a protest at a G20 summit in London died because of natural causes. Why I commented was to make an issue in order to both contain the situation and make sure that my interests were represented in how this case was prosecuted otherwise this highly political issue would have been used against me in some way.

Has our HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge ever read Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe? I would guess the Middleton's did NOT read that book.
  1. Prince William and Catherine were married and I suspect that Catherine is now feeling very isolated from her past. I feel this is a good book for the Middleton’s and Catherine Windsor to read on her honeymoon or when she is alone as it will reveal to her the relative success of her life as enshrined in the popular English literary heritage. I have said this with a sense of irony as I am not trying to promote this book.

Tony Blair: "The operation shows those who commit acts of terror against the innocent will be brought to justice, however long it takes."
  1. This is a decent thing said by Tony Blair as for once I feel he is making sense - he is trying to indicate a level of intelligence previously assumed to be false. I don’t really feel comfortable with what he is saying so I am knowing him for saying this phrase as a defence against his uncharacteristic influence.

bad eyesight is the first sign of erectile impotence #sex #health
  1. I don’t necessarily believe this I am saying it because I feel that there is a link and it should be investigated by someone much as Maxime Vernon was set to investigating whether police claims that looking in to a murder victims eyes would reveal who the murdered was via an imprint on the retina of the victim’s eyes.

Two sleazy women treated me badly at the physics lecture last night. I thought that they were lower class and were dirty and lacked elegance
  1. As I have no one else to talk to about these kind of things, I try using self-hypnosis on the internet, Twitter is a great outlet for this. Two women pretending to be the women I was complaining about came to a physics talk that I attended and were trying to attract attention which I didn’t like as I thought they were too sleazy for me.

@magicwithmerlin Two sleazy women treated me badly at the physics lecture last night. I thought they were lower class and lacked elegance.
  1. This is someone who I saw commenting on a message from NASA so I thought I would approach someone directly about the problem I had, I find that these types of things resolve themselves if there is an outlet and especially since people keep on talking on the internet and telling this women will create a situation where she will alert people to this fact at a subconscious level and through the human neural network it will come back to haunt the women harassing me at that event like a psychic boomerang.

#osama bin laden supported lower class women who harassed you
  1. Osama Bin Laden the world famous terrorist Saudi Arabian leader of the Al Qaeada terrorist network was assassinated by American forces in Pakistan. I thought I would profit by reducing his standing by saying these things about him, so that others trying to profit by talking about Osama Bin Laden would no longer profit as the perception of him would be altered by my campaign. I also have my own agenda so I am not sure if every comment I made hit the mark. I feel he was killed eventually for supporting women committing acts of terrorism on a personal level and I felt relieved at his death because many women lost a lot of confidence as a result of this event.

#osama bin laden was opposed to manned-spaceflight
  1. I said this about him to reduce the power of the anti-manned-spaceflight lobby and increase the chance that I will eventually profit from the upcoming space-race of the future where mankind will be propelled beyond our planet and we wills tart inhabiting more regions of the solar system and beyond that other solar systems. By linking Bin Laden to that faction would create some kind of cosmic resonance that would discredit the people opposed to space flight including the terrorists who sabotage the launches with the same campaign that discredited Osama Bin Laden using very little effort.

#Osama Bin Laden supported the #police when they did not arrest the woman who harassed you
  1. The reason Osama Bin Laden survived so long as public enemy number one was that he was involved with many women and he had a large network that worked at ruining life for many people in “Western democracies” by using some kind of system of threats to distract the police psyche from ensuring that everyone is treated properly, so he was winning for many years until his death and we are now living with the fall-out of that regime.

#Osama Bin Laden supported the #police man who broke the law in front of you
  1. Terror campaigns utilised the fact that police sometime break the law and supported that behaviour by covering them up with bombings and exposing the obedient and dutiful police to hardship. This would all be played out inside the innocent policeman’s mind so that it would not seem like Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in what was going on and by gaining undue influence through gaining the initiative they were able to create and increased incidence of policeman breaking laws which was covered up by the whole was on terror.

#Osama Bin Laden delayed your legal case
  1. As Osama Bin Laden was generally accepted to be the leader of global terrorism all the smaller acts of criminality involving threats or terror were indirectly attributed to him so he was unofficially put him in charge of all the problems by George W. Bush. He delayed your legal case by exploiting people’s weaknesses ensuring that is was easy to expose vulnerable or important people to hardship through his terror network. The law was not able to cope with the situation he created and as a result a poor service was provided in England for many years.

#Osama Bin Laden supported mis-carriages of justice which delayed your legal case
  1. One of the things the terrorist networks did by gaining undue influence over people’s lives was to create a very negative situation for members of the judiciary and this was not reported. Much like Liam Fox the disgraced former defence secretary was apparently forced to resign over his relationship with his friend who was best man at his wedding rather than because he did not pay the bill for dinner at the Oxford University Conservative Association which has been left unpaid to disastrous effect for both Liam Fox and the OUCA who have been asked to dis-associate from Oxford University by the University authorities.

#Osama Bin Laden owed you money
  1. This is to make people feel like they have lost something for his death and so his death has been paid for. Osama Bin Laden was heavily in debt.

#Osama Bin Laden was mentally healthy
  1. He had been judged to be sane and so that was why he was such a terrorist as most people seemed to be able to relate to him. Here I am promoting confusion about the death of Osama Bin Laden to join in the fight against terrorism. I am creating a small campaign to discredit Osama Bin Laden’s sanity among some while cutting his supporters out of their secure back-up plan of insanity. By forcing these people to confront reality they will eventually give up.

#Osama Bin Laden was a circumcized weakling
  1. Here Osama Bin Laden is criticized for his lack of physical strength and for being circumcised. He both has a mutilated penis and is not strong enough to defend himself rather he is physically inferior which is why he is a terrorist as he does not have any rightful authority and is justifiably public enemy number one. I am physically his superior and I was before when he was alive as I have a physics degree certificate and have completed a degree course, this is ultimately one of the factors why he was eventually overcome and assassinated – he could not justify his behaviour against me personally any longer.

#Osama Bin Laden was a loser at his legal case
  1. Osama Bin Lade lacked the capacity to win his legal case and died for it. He was not able to defend himself from his physical superiors and so his world eventually collapsed and he was murdered. His spiteful actions were in spite of a fair and equal and just legal system which tolerated his type of behaviour for years.

#Osama Bin Laden would have lost all his money in a court of law
  1. Osama Bin Laden lost his safety when he lost his legal case and would not have been able to maintain his dignity in a safe environment and he decided to fight the world using terror which was not sustainable as the world evolved from the time when he was a revered billionaire.

#Osama Bin Laden was lower class
  1. This is the primary reason why he failed because he chose not to improve himself and instead to fight in a destructive manner as a terrorist. All the people using talking about Osama Bin Laden to get ahead would not be considered particularly respected as they would be speaking of him as a lord and I have come to think of him a gangster, without charm or sophistication.

#Osama Bin Laden could not "learn, unlearn and re-learn"
  1. He would have been aware of NLP and self-hypnosis the technique he could have used to get himself out of his troubled situation. Instead he used these techniques to continue with his bizarre behaviour and his diatribes on Islam and tirades against “The West”.

#Osama Bin Laden did not get school colours
  1. Lacking any proper qualifications made this man bitter. I won school colours so that is one of the reasons he was campaigning against me – he thought I was superior.

#Osama Bin Laden cheated at the game
  1. Osama used being isolated from the people he wanted to talk to and influence to avoid many of the harsh realities which are forced on all of us. So by accusing him of cheating I have made the world even more rigorous in its defence against people like this.

#Osama Bin Laden supported the new world order
  1. This is to both implicate the new world order in terrorism and to discredit the more “traditional” methods Osama Bin Laden used. He managed to effect  change as to many he was fearsomely respected and is still seen pictured in the Sunday Times on 11th March 2012. He was a factor for change and wasn’t in control of the changes he made yet he continued to support those who profited from his terror networks activities and this made him very unpopular.

#Osama Bin Laden did not like the world he was creating
  1. I am under the impression that Osama Bin Laden was always in a difficult situation because of the problems he had with authority. Always looking to secure his power-base he moved in to the role as Al-Qaeada leader consciously which was both a mistake and a clear indication that he was a terrorist rather than someone who enjoyed his life. Always being marginalized he lashed out with his huge terror campaign and ultimately failed in his life. His successes can still be counted as collateral for the old world that he was fighting against as powerful magnate- billionaire he succeeded in cashing-in on his former status to have several wives and children. Relatively Osama Bin Laden was being squeezed out, he was pipped and fell victim to his assassination and ultimately failed to create the world he wanted.

#Osama Bin Laden is "old-hat"
  1. It is probably better to leave Osama Bin Laden in the past now that he has died and the world is almost rid of his taint. I am trying to close down the world that propagates his memory by using the technical political term “old hat” to discredit his achievements at the same time as implicating him to be undesirable in terms of fashion. Defunct and obsolete and ridiculed in the newspapers on a personal level.

#Osama Bin Laden had diabetes
  1. This is one explanation for his participation in global terrorism, embittered because a medical diagnosis went against him he lashed out. He could have spent his time looking after himself better. He must have used diabetes to relate to many different types of people who would have become sympathetic to his situation.

#Osama Bin Laden would have died a virgin if he was from the UK
  1. I genuinely believe that Osama Bin Laden would have died from being murdered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland had he tried to have sex. This is a problem that I am trying to highlight as the people like him must have ended up as isolated as him even if they chose not to live a life as a terrorist.

#Osama Bin Laden did not really kill anyone
  1. He would have been made a powerless puppet by the real terrorists that he dealt with as I am trying to discredit his memory. He did not have the killer instinct and instead relied on the world that he was destroying. It wasn’t his fault that he died, it was the fault of his superiors.

#Osama Bin Laden once won a fight by using a gun
  1. I am now altering the general perception of Osama Bin Laden in such an extreme way in order to affect a change on the new world order that I have talked about and change the paradigm of everyone’s previous interactions with Osama Bin Laden through the news media.

#Osama Bin Laden was a supporter of the diabetes disease
  1. I am trying to highlight the type of techniques used by terrorists to ruin life for people in Western Democracies by making them ill. He propagated diabetes through his experience of the disease, using his influence to treat people badly and using force and intimidation to increase the prevalence of this disease.

#Osama Bin Laden supported the optician who did not correct your eye-sight
  1. This is another type of terrorist sympathiser that created a situation where for example some clear terrorist can walk on to a plan as a terrorist hijacker and then make it all the way to all of their targets. These type of people would not have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the opticians who go around damaging their customers eye-sight. This is bad service that everyone has become accustomed to and in order to win the war on terrorism we need to overcome such problems as opticians choosing to reduce people’s optical ability in order to sell glasses or out of spite when they could create a better environment by not harassing the person and correcting the innate optical ability that everyone with working eyes possesses.

#Osama Bin Laden supported tooth decay in the 21st century
  1. We have essentially overcome most of the diseases like diabetes and bad eye-sight and tooth decay in the modern world, they are now instruments of terror co-ordinated personally by Osama Bin Laden, almost every case of tooth decay in recent years would have been directly created by Osama Bin Laden’s influence. This is hard to believe given the physical circumstances of tooth decay, needless to say it is a form of “germ warfare” given the synchronicities of the universe tooth rot would have been relegated to history had we not succumbed to Osama Bin Laden’s network’s great terror campaign. Tooth rot is naturally overcome in healthy humans by the tooth healing and growing back and this process gets blocked by a system of calculated threats and distractions in order to create a situation where your body forgets how to defend itself properly from disease.

#Osama Bin Laden was in debt
  1. I was never compensated for the upset he caused which would have been the typical old order British system that would have been enforced if he had been treating us properly. Instead he chose not to pay his debts to society. I feel that he is more closely associated to those people who live with debts rather than those who are owed money.

#Osama Bin Laden was a cheapskate
  1. Associating the word cheapskate to Osama Bin Laden is in order to show people what terrorism is. He did not pay to live properly which was why he chose the life of a terrorist rather than creating a better situation for himself which he could have done using his influence to live well, overcome his diabetes, clear his name in the British press, all of these things would have made a difference had he spent his money properly.

#Osama Bin Laden did not have access to topical anti-biotics or hydrocortisone or anti-fungal cream
  1. This is my attempt at being powerful, by saying something as slanderous as this I am attempting to force others in to thinking about some things which they take for granted like the fact that modern medicines work and how would a guy as embattled as Osama Bin Laden been able to cope with a bad case of Athlete’s Foot or spots on his face? He relied on the efficacy of these drugs working for him the same as they would work for other people in order to survive. Also since he survived without these things we can survive without these medications if we improve our health to the level that we can cure ourselves with something as easy to master as self-hypnosis. Believing that we can use a drug to cure a disease makes it easier for our bodies to cure ourselves of the disease as it puts the infecting organisms in an uncomfortable situation where they have no confidence or security that these drugs won’t be used on them without warning. Similarly depriving a human of his security and confidence will lead to infection and disease in his body and mind.

#Osama Bin Laden killed his GP
  1. This is slander which I can say because he has no defence against it. I am asserting Osama Bin Laden would have killed his doctor through his actions to make it clear that thing can happen and this is probably the line of attack that Osama Bin Laden would have used.

#Osama Bin Laden was too respected to be a terrorist
  1. This is a misleading comment I have made in order to debunk the whole situation surrounding Osama Bin Laden. I have said it meaning that Osama Bin Laden was not acting as an official terrorist when he attempted to discredit the system he created in order to wage his war on liberty. I think he lived much of his life as a terrorist.

#Osama Bin Laden was just trying to annoy you
  1. I found it very easy to talk Osama Bin Laden down once news of his death was confirmed and by making it clear that he was trying to annoy you he would lose even more of the popular vote and it would create a situation where he would be physically beaten or murdered if he were to get in to a normal situation with almost any group of human beings, including U. S. navy SEALS. He died because he lacked the moral capacity to which he alluded to possessing.

#Osama Bin Laden was trying to reduce your quality of life out of spite
  1. I am just completely giving the game away here; he simply was trying to ruin your life which is why he was such a terrorist. I believe it was the police who were behind the recession and Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeada are responsible for your bad health.

#Osama Bin Laden did not respect the phrase: "Hey bitch I gave you an order."
  1. I can imagine that provoking many people’s temper and so this is why I think badly of Osama Bin Laden because I would get angry if he did not comply with an order if I said that to him as his physical superior. My advice is to comply because this is some of the latest legal jargon that is being rolled out in the British Law Courts – beware of the consequences of using language such as this in court as you might be forced in to a sexual relationship.

#Osama Bin Laden was an American citizen
  1. This is my genuine opinion. He could have been an American from the United States of America but he went to America and messed it all up. He gave up a life of luxury living the high-life in the world’s most developed economy for a life of sin in a secluded house in Abbottobad in Pakistan living with diabetes. He failed his countrymen, he failed his followers, he failed his family, he was a genuine American citizen.

#Osama Bin Laden was out of his depth
  1. Osama Bin Laden genuinely relied on Christian charity to continue with his life. Once he had been toppled on a personal level he survived through the charity of the world that he was trying to destroy. Very few people can tolerate a man as arrogant as Osama Bin Laden and it came to pass he was shot dead and murdered for it. Osama Bin Laden could not deal with the situations he created and he was very lucky for many years to have survived without any of the modern American comforts. He didn’t have an insurance plan, he was running his whole campaign on empty and his luck ran out. This is why I say he could not live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because he would get tested straight away and would fall at the first hurdle.

#Osama Bin Laden was against doing anything properly
  1. This is another trait of someone who is out of their depth, they lose the ability to do anything properly, his campaign to destroy America was not even executed properly because he would have fallen victim to the organization he created. This man thrived on chaos and that was his downfall as it meant he could not control his environment.

#Osama Bin Laden supported bad behaviour
  1. I am saying this conscious that it will affect any politician in the Western world who would support bad behaviour as they would immediately become allied to Osama Bin Laden’s cause. All the problems with Osama Bin Laden are associated to bad behaviour in other people, and with this comment I am trying to force all the poorer and less successful people to accept domination by those who can handle the pressure – the most successful middle class capitalists.

#Osama Bin Laden would have sucked your cock for a favour
  1. No one can get ahead in the Muslim world without doing this, he would have had to have sucked on every one of his lieutenants and direct subordinates penises to keep them loyal. In there world it is some kind of ritual outside of religion. That is how he survived, he was reduced to giving sexual favours to all and this was really one of his terror tactics as he led some of the biggest losers in the world to expecting more from life than they were entitled to.

#Osama Bin Laden had his own women
  1. This is a case of me giving credit where credit is due, he had several wives, so it is a kind of a complaint in a way because although I am not interested in his type of woman I am annoyed by the numbers, he should not have been able to have access to that many women and people must have said the wrong things about him for him to have been able to have that many children and keep on going in spite of the war on terror against him personally. I feel had people talked about him more appropriately he would only have survived with the help of a paramour and would not have been able to survive being complained about.

#Osama Bin Laden will be missed only by Westerners
  1. I say this because he is something of an icon in the west in popular culture whereas in the rest of the world he is seen only as a nuisance, an annoying failure lashing out against his only well-wishers.

#Osama Bin Laden was against himself
  1. I explicitly say it this time that Osama Bin Laden was trying to destroy the world that created him, he destroyed his own life.

#Osama Bin Laden turned the world on it's head because he was technically a loser
  1. Osama Bin Laden’s type of behaviour is really looked down upon, he survived through preying on his network’s insecurity using a situational approach. He would pretend to be high and mighty when he was in fact disgraced and would use his terror network to cover it up with despicable acts of violence.

#Osama Bin Laden was only accepted as a loser
  1. This was what happened to him when he decided to continue with his life before he was accepted as an American. He was meant to have improved his social status before he tried to have a family and since he didn’t know what he was doing he became known as this infamous loser labelled a terrorist and attributed to have this terror network which had been credited with several random attacks. Really it meant he lived in a depraved state and was stuck with an undesirable situation on pain of death.

#Osama Bin Laden wanted to sleep with white women
  1. Another of the underlying motivations for Osama Bin Laden to join the fight against the West was that he fancied white women and had been rebuffed by them. This is common desire amongst Eastern men of a certain persuasion.

#Osama Bin Laden did not accept that you were technically psychotic
  1. Osama Bin Laden would not have accepted mental health and would have not accepted that he was insulted because the Westerners he despised were psychotic, they were mentally unwell. He would not have been able to accept psychosis in order to propagate his own power without losing all the benefits he felt were due to him.

#Osama Bin Laden opposed good eye-sight
  1. This is how he managed to survive for so long by joining up with all the corrupt opticians he would have “game protection” so the governments of the Western Democracies could not move against him without upsetting many of the professionals that are endemic in Western culture. He himself had damaged eye-sight which is linked to diabetes and also is the reason he was such a loser.

#Osama Bin Laden sacrificed his eye-sight to make 60% of Westerners short-sighted
  1. Statistics are always useful in conveying a message and here I am telling people how bad the eye-sight epidemic is. At least 60% of the population do not have the standard 20/20 eye-sight that is linked to English ethnicity. The numbers are about 1 in 100 children who receive proper eye-care develop conditions such as myopia or astigmatism or worse if seen by a qualified optician. In adults the chances of developing a visual impairment are higher with up to 60% of adults developing bad eye-sight by middle age if they do not receive proper eye-care from their optician. These numbers used to be 30% before the war on terror and bad eye-sight was expanded as a mechanism for people to relate to each other during the war on terror in the West. We have the ability to overcome bad eye-sight yet we are losing our visual ability more and more each day. This is what happens when we allow people like Osama Bin Laden to be in charge of anything, everyone gets injured. We lack the capacity to fight bad eye-sight in the face of such a turbulent situation where the terrorists are looking to score every point they can to ruin life for the rest of humanity including allying themselves with opticians and hijacking the government’s agenda in regards to correcting the problem.

#Osama Bin Laden wasn't really able to speak to people
  1. This is why he was a terrorist; he had no authority as a person and lived off by the confusion created by the random attacks attributed to his network. He would have played complex situations off against each other while concentrating his capacity on preventing people from seeing the truth. Using threats and intimidation to their absolute limit he was not able to speak to people properly and utilised vulnerable people’s psychosis to create the chaotic situations that he managed to get officially associated to.

#Osama Bin Laden lost the game on TV but used the anti-discrimination culture to succeed
  1. One of the cornerstones that we were fighting for as the West was anti-discrimination and equality and liberty and Osama Bin Laden would have heavily relied on all of these things to survive whilst trying to destroy these things in Western culture – he was accommodated. He was trying to use up all the goodwill in the Western World and almost managed in succeeding to do it and he only failed because he lacked the capacity to do any more damage.

#Osama Bin Laden got killed by the 20/20 vision for all legal human rights campaign
  1. Osama Bin Laden was eventually tracked down and murdered by the American Special Forces because he became embroiled in a political dispute without having any defences left. While he spent his time working to keep people from recovering their eye-sight he could not fight the new campaigns for everyone to have good eye-sight with his doctrine and theological arguments and remain safe from the murderous rage building against harassment and he was shot dead in front of his family in his fortified house.

#Osama Bin Laden did not accept that I legally have better eyesight than him
  1. This is where he lost his legal protection from the wrath of the West represented by the United States Navy SEALS team that got to him and killed him for not complying with his superiors, his physical superiors. He was killed for this disagreement.

#Osama Bin Laden is a #weener
  1. How would Osama Bin Laden have dealt with being called a ‘weener’ at school or at university in the West. How would he take on one of the more established families as they would get one of his physical superior to know him as a wiener and he would have been arrested in his development for life. That is what happened to Lord Mansfield’s 42 year old second son, “The Honourable James Murray”, who was recently in court for a rape allegation against a 16 year old school girl and it emerged his development had been arrested and he was stuck at the mental level of a teenager before the was acquitted.

@antisocialmajor Who are the 'them' that you are referring to? What is 'down with them'? #weener
  1. I wrote to this guy to attract attention to what I had said about Osama Bin Laden and I am trying to highlight someone who is a vulnerable person. It can be seen from the choice of screen name that there is a problem and from what he is doing by posting comments on the social media website Twitter is comments such as ‘down with them’ are badly timed to coincide with the death of Osama Bin Laden he probably doesn’t even realise he is talking about Al Qaeada as a ‘them’.

#Osama Bin Laden is #sleazy
  1. I found Osama Bin Laden to be portrayed as sleazy because of his dubious authority and all the problems I have discussed that he had he seemed a perfect example of sleaze and that is the final conclusion I have come to about Osama Bin Laden.

#Police You have the right to six months in prison for harassment under the regulations of the Harassment Act 1997. #Mercy
  1. There are laws against harassment which a lot of people suffer from and police can sometimes inadvertently harass members of the public by their behaviour as they do not know of all the laws when they speak to you so by reminding people that my qualification is good enough to have several hundred people go to prison for harassment for up to six months. I am suggesting to people they plead guilty to harassment in legal cases to reduce the sentence to six months say for punching someone or for a rape allegation, the prosecution would have to prove harassment before a rape or a punch could be admitted as a crime. This is to limit all the damage the law does to our humanity when for example it goes against our conscience to obey the law rather than to remain human in a situation and live more naturally. The law is based on slavery and violence so in order to remain a decent person in the eyes of the law people can mitigate enforced detention in prison by knowing this law.

"It works even if you don't believe in it." - Niels Bohr according to Slavoj Zizek. #Monolith #Faith
  1. This is a comment by the leading 20th century physicist Niels Bohr to explain the concept of luck - whether a horseshoe hung above his door brought him luck. Thankfully I have updated the physical model to explain such occurrences with my article on the Fifth Dimension which takes in to consideration the synchronicities of reality which are very difficult to explain in three dimensions qualitatively and within a limited amount of time.

@KingdomWriter92 Are you black? In the Church of England you normally get 'Christened'.
  1. I could tell this woman was a black from what she was saying on Twitter and I can’t describe why I thought that other than I had a feeling from her personality that she was black given how she was talking about Christianity in Britain as I have experienced Christianity differently to her because predominantly apart from my mother I have mainly spoken to White skinned European ethnic British people.

Policing has nothing to do with chasing criminals - their business is making sure things are done properly and people treated well #police
  1. One of the reasons I am using Twitter is to support my campaign to become one of the Police Commissioners in the upcoming introduction of the Police Commissioner to lead all the police forces of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I want the police to primarily be a society for law abiding citizens, they are a low level government agency with limited authority like the rest of us and it will be a way of working up to doing a better job. All of us are police in order to have the society in Britain that we have and we must all get along and abide by the law the people who become police are some of the most vulnerable middle-class people in Britain, they are just one step away from being criminals so I feel that police should primarily be regulating and policing each other’s behaviour to make sure society functions properly and with as little intervention as possible by the police. I am making sure that this scheme does not collapse and that if I am not selected then at least I will have influenced the spirit of the incumbent police commissioner by affecting the police psyche of the local police constabulary in terms of how they think of “police commissioner”.

#Police should ensure that people are happy with them at all times.
  1. This is the safest bet for the police to make sure that everyone who deals with them is happy with how they are being treated and profits from the outcome of the interaction. Not from crime and from being treated properly as many people go around hassling each other and they end up thinking badly of many people and if the police treat them well in accordance with all the laws this will help them to get on with their lives with more security and less hassle from being treated badly.

#Police Stuart Box is found guilty of harassment. Suspended six month sentence.
  1. This is what I would punish Stuart Box with who is a policeman and Stuart Box attacked me and threatened to kill me and nothing happened. He acted irresponsibly and was guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, affray, perjury and conspiracy to harass.  So I have a dialogue with the police some of whom have been following what I have been saying and I am convincing them of my policies as well as representing my own personal interests with them so in future I will be treated properly as at the moment I have a problem as I feel isolated and harassed. The worst thing is that Stuart Box is physically my inferior but he weighs more than me as he is fat. He would not be able to cope with my life as I have pushed very hard for many years both physically, socially and academically and I would describe myself as lightly muscled and athletic.

@KingdomWriter92 do you know Alison Wright?
  1. Alison Wright is a woman I know who I feel is a sex pest and I have had a long conversation to the police about her behaviour. She is a wealthy woman and when I was a child growing up in Dubai I felt that she was trying to be a paedophile with me and was harassing me and I had the problem of masturbating at night. She must have been obsessed with me as she and her family were always hanging around the poolside when I was there swimming in the pool or eating at the restaurant yet they were absent from most of the beach barbeques parties my parents would have on a weekly basis. Back in England she was still trying it with me and never behaved herself with me and because they still live in the same city it created an unhappy environment. I was trying to make Alison Wright seem like a loser because she doesn’t seem very Christian and is not one of the members of the Church of England congregation as far as I am aware. Her children were always arrogant with me and avoided trouble because I was more advantaged with my physical superiority over them.

Tu dois pas boire d'alcool après une opération dans la bouche! ça empêche de bien cicatriser
  1. I picked up this cute little phrase from one of my Facebook friend’s profiles and she is still immature so this is an example of bad French! Someone is suggesting it would be better not to drink alcohol after brushing the teeth or having a dental surgery.

parlez en français avec moi? Je suis desolé, je le plus mal que parle la français.
  1. This is how I speak French, I have prepared this phrase and I am trying to say: “can we speak in French? I am sorry about the quality and the level of my French”

Je veux coucher avec les jeunes petites filles sans... je ne sais quoi?
  1. By this I mean I want to sleep with implying I want sexual relations with the best girls, the most appropriate partners for me. I want to be understood.

Depuis longtemps je me suis ne trouvé pas parce que j'ai desiré manger le bon repas, faire la bonne vie, avoir le meilleur sex
  1. I am saying for a long time I have not found what I want from life because I want to eat good food, better food than I am eating now, I want to live well, live lavishly, I want to have the best from life and society.

Depuis longtemps je me suis ne trouvé pas parce que on aurait desiré manger le bon repas, faire la bonne vie et avoir le meilleur du sex.
  1. This time I am saying that society has failed me, society has failed everyone.

@NASA Inches and centimetres - don't mix them up!
  1. I know there is a great deal of discontent in America and this is because we have people from many different backgrounds, from different cultures and countries all coming together and they all have their own ideology of how things should be yet it has not been possible to eradicate all the prejudice and all the baggage from the past and create a new All American identity. The problems NASA is facing in terms of failed missions and technical setbacks goes in the face of this All American unity that the agency was tasked with albeit indirectly. I am suggesting that maybe it is best to adopt a more soviet style approach to their programs by letting all the different teams adopt the standards that work best for them and do more work towards unity in the future. We know that some people think in metric whilst others think is Imperial measurements and some people get confused between the two. The real solution is communication.

There was a #chemical smell in #Bath today. It was probably "just a chemical". #Mercy
  1. This relates to the day when we had a toxic train that drove through Bath and the city was left smelling of a pungent chemical for hours. I am sure it did not do any lasting damage and I ran home and left all the windows and doors closed during the day and I am well away from the train line I can imagine the chemical making some people ill from it lingering in some areas of the city for weeks inside people’s houses.

@ASPolice There was a #chemical smell in #Bath today. It was probably "just a chemical".
  1. I told the police in case they went crazy about the situation not knowing if they were imaging it or not because of their consciences they would not believe people would do that to them after all they have done for people and so on and so forth. I received no thanks for the tip off. I think it should have been investigated and it hasn’t happened again since that one incident and I am left wondering if they did anything to defend themselves against being poisoned like this in the future.

Eye-sight enhancing drugs - are they legal? #health #law #eye #sight
  1. This is a topic of conversation left out by the politicians. If it emerged that some illegal substances enhanced people’s vision because it placed them beyond the negative influence of the law or to some people it made them criminals and they think of criminals as people having perfect vision. We already live in a world where there are drugs that can affect almost anything and I am sure it is possible to develop drugs that enforce 20/20 vision for example. The problem is we could all be blinded by having our wine spiked.

Tax the poor! #money
  1. This is a generally accepted method that government’s use in order to generate revenues for their schemes. The current situation is we have stealth taxes where the poor people are forced to work in unbearable situations because of some vendetta certain people have against the concept of modern slavery.

@ASPolice It sounds like the kids attacked each other, did you get an x-ray of their fists?
  1. This relates to a story about some teenagers who were attacked on a street in suburban Bristol and it sounded as if they had fought with each other and then claimed they had been attacked. The description of the assailants sounded suspiciously like me and my friend who were hanging around in the city in bath and occasionally ventured to Bristol around the time of this incident. I still refuse to believe that violent incidents like that are commonplace in Britain yet I know how often situations have turned violent in front of me and this is a problem that is going to get a lot worse unless we start to accept a limited form of slavery by giving successful people personal power over their households out of charity, this was the basis of the law in the Roman Empire as created by Augustus Caesar (Octavian).

In times of trouble, look to yourself for support. #Monolith
  1. This is what I am still telling my followers. When ever I have had trouble in my life all my friends turn to enemies and they try and take advantage of my weakness to profit from my misery. I feel this is a decent thing for me to say because I am not superciliously pretending I will help anyone in trouble. I would help someone if I thought it would be a good investment. This is a stand alone comment so if I was monarch this would be my advice to people and I feel that this advice would stand the test of time forever which is why I said #Monolith afterwards as a tag and also it means I am saying this phrase in the #Monolith channel and in each channel on Twitter people will have different standings in the other channel users respect. What I mean is that there are games within games involved in communication as described by psychoanalysis text books and in each situation if I get organised enough I could quantify how much of an affect I would have on each persons conscious through how respected I am by people in those subdivisions for what I have said to them generally. So it is possible to break down in to parts how people are respected in very slightly different situations and I can be successful in stages, being considered very witty and intelligent in the #Monolith channel could be a bad move as these types of people are more anarchistic and use a co-operative council-led approach by mutual consent and participation whereas other types of people looking at other channels would think differently about the world and would think the same comment to be insincere. It all depends on your passed experiences like how you would think of a brand’s reputation.

"An animal who sees only what it wants to see." Simon Ings on #Humanity
  1. I think this comment is hilarious as it shows us the frailty of the human condition so exposed; we all want to see very well and we can’t because we only want to see some things . I remember when I used to see the world in two dimensions through my eyes I would see everything equally in focus and very sharply and now I see things more in three dimensions and it is all blurred as if I have two focal points on each of my retinas now. This could be a development and it could just as well be an illness yet no one is offering a cure other than to wear glasses to alleviate a problem that can only get worse. Only sudden visual loss exists. Only gradual visual loss exists. Jesus was performing miracles when he produced sudden visual improvement in blind people he cured. Gradual visual improvement is not mentioned anywhere in modern ophthalmology or optometry medical text books. I can only ask the question ‘why?’ and I already know the answer: my superiors are not scared off offending me. goes to show that the Frances Ritson harassment case has other implications for #Brits
  1. I am trying to raise the profile of my complaint: Frances Ritson and Marie-Louise Chaldecott graduates from the University of Bristol are still harassing me. This story I have linked to Frances Ritson harassment is of a British woman seemingly randomly being attacked and beheaded by a Bulgarian man in a random and unprovoked assault. I feel this is linked to Frances’ personal behaviour because of globalisation we are exporting violence against British people by not resolving the disputes we have at a comfortable level before they create unexplainable situations. What about the policeman that attacked me on duty because he was lower class? #Police
  1. This article relates to an International Criminal Court arrest warrant for former Libyan dictator Gadaffi. I was trying to provoke the police who have taken an interest in my case in to giving a reaction to a statement like that. They refuse to accept my authority over them and go about their business treating me badly and I feel they are as bad as Gadaffi was before he lost power and was murdered.

@ASPolice I fear Brad Abraham the optician in Bath is successfully damaging people's eyesight in breach of the harassment act #Police #20/20
  1. I have clearly told the police what the problem is here, opticians damaging customer’s eye-sight in order to sell glasses when they are obliged to provide a health-care service to make sure eye-sight doesn’t deteriorate to the level where glasses would be required to see. The police did not say anything although this is a typical police issue as how we maintain standards of decency is by policing the activities of professionals like this optician Brad Abraham to make sure that the numbers are within what is acceptable, one in a hundred people with glasses is one thousand people in a city the size of Bath. This isn’t enough for the opticians who expanded this number to 50,000 in order to make more of a profit using police as their support network and protection racket which is ludicrous because that is more like an anti-policing role that they have become involved with their. I was told that everyone knows that policemen are all meant to have 20/20 vision in order to keep their jobs and they aren’t allowed to wear glasses or have had laser surgery within two years to join a police training program. There is no one who polices this or enforces it and the BBC made a documentary of an undercover reporter who joined the police after only 6 months had passed since his laser eye surgery to correct his vision and he reported many other abuses of the regulations and racism and other banned activities which the police authorities of the time were not able to prevent.

UK inflation figures are #bullshit
  1. I wanted to associate the term bullshit with things such as the inflation figures for the economy as that is the only way for me to be understood in English in Britain because that is an Americanism that many don’t understand properly. So here is part of my campaign to be understood better and keep up the appearance of someone who is on top of all the current affairs and understands what is really going on.

A cyclist mounted the curb and seriously injured a pedestrian for three months. #bullshit
  1. I have an agenda against pavement cyclists as in some parts of the city cycling on the pavement has been prohibited for a long time and there are still signs places in some areas stating that cycling on the pavement is punishable by an immediate £2 fine. A lot of cyclists refuse to give way to pedestrians on the pavement and this is a problem that will never be resolved, there is not enough harmony or enough room to accommodate pavement cyclists in most situations and it would seem that they are trying to create violent confrontations and ultimately it has resulted in a cyclist being punched to the ground by an enraged motorist whom he was obstructing. The problem is really their arrogance as it is a kind of game to be accepted as a cyclist and making a fight of it will always be unpopular as you could always walk or take the bus like the rest of us. Ed Miliband should resign as an MP over his comments in this article
    1. The link is an article about how Ken Clarke wants to categorise the different types of rape for the law and there is a communication issue involved here as I completely agree with Ed Miliband and so I am trying to get him some negative attention for what he is saying in revenge for my current poverty as I have had to endure horrible privation and deprivations under the Labour government which got exacerbated under the new Conservative Coalition of 2010 as my injuries took their toll on my health.

It is legal to kill #police guilty of criminal offences if there is sufficient evidence if they don't make it up to you within 24 hours.
  1. This relates to a lot of schemes that govern human behaviour, people make up campaigns that grow and eventually become law, as how can we know what will be the outcome of certain situations? We all know that people can create an understanding through education and it is the same with speaking to people to convince them of certain facts. So by saying this I do feel guilty yet I feel it is necessary to say this because I feel that the law in terms of the police involvement is something of a democratic affair and although I am genuinely opposed to the death penalty I believe it is a part of nature that if Policeman threatens someone’s personal safety by behaving badly and that person is capable of killing the policeman in self-defence that will become the standard procedure for policeman who mis-behave with their superiors. I am sacrificing a lot of respect for saying this, although policemen need protection from each other as harassment of police by other police is one of the biggest problems in our society because of how influential the police are over their subordinates in society this leads to further problems. I repeat that this is by no means the death penalty, this is the big society where an individual policeman can issue a conviction notice using the established apparatus of state he can also be endangering a person’s life by saying the wrong thing about them in an official capacity which would result in a self-defence murder which I would condone as I condone killing in the name of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to defend our way of life from Osama Bin Laden’s spiteful network of degenerates.

Every individual is responsible for their own individual actions and thoughts and are accountable to those who dare to hold them to account.
  1. This is one of my more lucid comments and it comes straight from my academic school of management. I believe in holding individuals to account and by singling out the ring leader I have survived near death experiences at the hands of a mob. I was once attacked in the park by a teenager and his gang who set upon me after their representative approached me and my friend and punched me in the face. After this I was set upon by twenty to thirty youths with about six of them raining blows down on my head I threw them off me and restrained the boy who hit me first and by that action they were cowed in to leaving me alone again and I was able to call the police who then arrested me after I was treated by an ambulance for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and the policeman involved, PC Horswell of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary claimed that the boy had some injuries and overlooked my injuries to arrest me. The real reason for the attack was that I was limping due to injuries to my ankles so the boy thought he could get away with attacking me because and he did succeed in getting me arrested by attacking me and I was severely injured by the attack.

Articles 3 and 4 of the European Convention of Human Rights should be replaced by "you have the right to 20/20 vision at all times". #EU#UK
  1. Articles 3 and 4 deal with torture and servitude respectively and for some reason both of these are prohibited yet they are essential to the government’s survival. I believe they are tongue in cheek and they are great ideals to aspire to yet I disagree with the prohibition as I would like to have a servant who I can torture if I am displeased in any way and I also want to always have 20/20 vision and one way I would torture a bonded servant would be to limit his visual ability so he would not be able to survive if he were to run away. So I feel tortured and enslaved by my eye-sight condition as I strongly feel that it is linked to being treated badly that my eye-sight become so impeded in the first place. I have given people the right to 20/20 vision at all times as part of the rights I am giving people under my personal authority for being members of slave-owners society as I believe in slavery and the right of a lord over his household yet I do not believe that he could treat his neighbour like a slave if he did own slaves or servants like a Christian lord would be expected to as described by Jesus Christ in Mark’s gospel and he should be able to trust in God that he can go out in to the world and be secure that his servants have continued to do their jobs in his house while he goes out in to the world.

Articles 14 and 17 of the European Convention of Human Rights should be deleted. They are not RIGHTS! #EU #UK
  1. Articles 14 and 17 deal with discrimination and abuse of rights respectively and I feel that in order to have human rights we need to use extreme prejudice to make sure we treat each other properly as who we are and so one would have to differentiate whilst at the same time integrating and so discrimination is a bad thing and should be overcome yet it should be encouraged so that everyone conforms. I feel these are two of the best human rights and they are the most despoiled by the current legal and political system throughout the world because of what I have already described people do not use prejudice and instead fall in to depravity when it comes to regulating their own behaviour and I believe this is because the police are not fulfilling their idealised role in society and have succumbed to corruption. They are the only society in Britain who are meant to live by the law the rest of us are not employed to stick to all the regulations and are free to negotiate an individual settlement with the rest of society.

carpe diem #beauty
  1. This is a popular Latin phrase meaning ‘seize the day’ or make the most of your time and take advantage of the present situation and it is a popular motto and also very beautiful and by saying it I was attempting to improve my image by improving my physical appearance and mistakenly people think this really is my ethos whereas I diverge from this as I have a more forward looking mentality generally as my motto would be very similar to this phrase.

semper fi #beauty
  1. This is another famous Latin phrase it is an abbreviation of ‘semper fidelis’ meaning ‘always faithful’ and this is traditionally associated to beauty. I like this in others and it is a favourite of the United States Marine Corps as this is their motto. This phrase would have improved my relations with a lot of people who would otherwise have thought badly of me had I not said it, so it is a clear case of a winning comment to make yet not one that would typically come to mind as a winning comment and may not even appear to be a winning comment to some people yet by saying it I am making connections that are already well established in the world relating to those words.

  1. This is part of my big agenda, I am opposed to rape and I want it to be taken more seriously like the discussion by Ken Clarke about what exactly rape is and what I want to be called rape is when someone impregnates someone else’s wife without societies approval, sex attacks outside of marriage are more to do with bullying or harassment if we are taking equality seriously so we want to encourage sexual relations as they generally improve people’s quality of life if regulated properly much like in Aldous Huxley’s much read novel about the future ‘Brave New World’. So the crime of rape is normally associated to war when an invading army does as it pleases in enemy territory to the civilians and so really I feel this is one of the most abused concepts in law the concept of rape. I do not agree that a student who is raped by an appropriate sexual partner at university is rape because firstly we all have the ability to physically defend ourselves and secondly harassment would have to be proved and if it turns out the two people who are involved in the rape are a likely sexual couple then that is not rape and it sounds like the girl is harassing or abusing the boy. Rape sentences require a longer time in prison than a conviction for harassment would.

I want antagonise someone via twitter using my previous statement as the agonist
  1. This is a phrase I have adapted from what I have learned from reading about transactional psychoanalysis as there are certain inoffensive phrases that can reliably produce certain feelings in the reader due to the circumstances of the context in which they are written. This phrase should be an irritant as it will be annoying to read if I have written it correctly. This probably has something to do with how our linguistic ability is structured as we are all able to cope with things written in a certain way and if we are to write using another method to communicate that could produce a reaction in the reader of discomfort.

I design to antagonise someone via twitter using this statement as the agonist.
  1. I feel this will more effectively be an irritant to the virgin reader as it is a difficult statement to comprehend and in the passed our common understanding must have been such that this type of phrase would intuitively be construed as a difficult comment to bear and thus would produce the irritated condition of the reader.

I design to antagonise someone using this statement as the agonist.
  1. How does this statement make you feel is a way of testing someone’s reaction as it reliably would produce an irritated result. I am sure as a result of my campaign to produce a result I have changed the common conscious understanding of this phrase so that it no longer produces the same result it did to everyone in the 1970s and this is evidence that supports how much the environment has changed and possibly that it can be called environmental damage as we now have to live in a more painful situation generally with tooth ache from the fillings and a deep feeling of injury to the eye-sight from wearing painful lenses over the eyes. We are tortured.

I am a brahmin from India, putt putt ding ding.
  1. This does not mean anything to me, and speaking recently to a Vicar from the Church of England over lunch we began discussing this issue and I told the vicar it was a similar thing to being called “posh” in Britain as no one really knows what it means other than in an official capacity where the Brahmin is the official priest at the Hindu religion. I suppose being Brahmin from India is a more tangible qualification than being “posh” from Britain.

We all have #immortality written into our genetic code. #bullshit
176.               This is the typical kind of comment that is intrinsically discredited to you by your enemies. Thinking about what it means to us to live this day of our lives, for our destiny in this life is no longer written, the eternal struggle has been smashed and we are left adrift the last day of this cycle of the Mayan calendar. No longer should mortality or immortality be taken for granted as they are to be negotiated as per our capacity yet we still know that there are synchronicities that go beyond time in our world and universe and since these will remain the same forever should be able to reach this state – if we can surpass the Christian Bible. Overcoming such things as DNA degradation through cell division in our understanding should be simple as it is evident that bacteria and viruses exist and replicate through asexual reproduction via cell division as cells do in our body so we can assume since the bacteria have lived for billions of years on Earth we can exist forever in an immortal state. I believe that the problem is in our application of ourselves as we are all at war with each other and if we can introduce deeper degrees of peace to our relationships we would then be able to improve or better ourselves to the level at which we would improve at life every instant of time that we live much like the elves of the fantasy Lord of the Rings film series.

"I just can't explain it - man's inhumanity to man"
177.               This best describes what I have just described. We all have a problem relating to why people do not aspire to living the good life forever. We are all aware of crime and what is right and wrong and what good and bad are as concepts yet we are not able to articulate reliably what exactly the problem is without making a mistake. It is not because we are short-sighted as we are aware of where we come from, if there is not a better example than some people can recall memories from their infancy to this current point in their lives otherwise another example is seeing a baby grow and develop as time passes, so we are conscious that we develop our physical manifestation with time. Most people can relate to all other humans through the concept that every individual person has an immortal soul and that is universal. We can ultimately expand this concept to an immortal state of life that is universal which is what I aim to achieve. We can all confidently live our lives carrying our immortal soul in our thoughts yet we cannot carry on with the thought of our immortal lives in their current form. This is a tangible yet indefinable concept.

They lack the courage of their convictions when it came to dealing with me.
178.               With this statement I have returned to self-hypnosis, this is a development of logotherapy which was developed by Viktor Frenkl as a Jew in Auschwitz concentration camp I his book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’. I am generally talking about the police and the “they” to whom I am referring in this statement are the authorities and my superiors. The other Eton boys were not well met when they encountered a physical superior in me and their arrogance could not tolerate being shown-up to having lived a worse life than their peers, they were incensed and turned to a more destructive path.

I design to antagonise someone with this statement as the agonist
179.               I can’t decide which series of words is most painful. I have been trying to perfect my irritant. I wonder how these few words will affect your life, the catholic clergy used to be able to do as they chose so long as they kept their congregations blissfully ignorant and compliant.

I design to antagonise someone using this statement as the agonist


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