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You lack insight

The whole point is the assumption that at the beginning of time, the whole universe was a single point, where everything was instantaneously connected as if every particle was immediately adjacent to every other particle, although these particles would probably all have occupied different varieties of the same quantum state.. 2 photons can inhabit the same quantum state if they have opposite spin, and so it is when they are separated that quantum encryption arises.

There are the usually defined three spatial dimensions, the fourth dimension of time, and now there is a ‘Fifth Dimension’ as defined by W. H. F. Gaskell grandson of the late Dr. T. F. Gaskell inventor and author of The Gulf Stream, and chief science officer on the H.M.S. Challenger expedition around the world which also visited the Marianas trench, Oceanographer, Trinity College Cambridge alumnus, Consultant Director of BP (British Petroleum formerly Anglo-Iranian Oil) and part organiser of the ‘D-Day’ invasion of Normandy that defeated Hitler’s Germany to end the Second World War.

This may just be some kind of conjecture of bullshit and more Eastern Mysticism rather than hard science as I am no string theorist, but I have some grip on reality and am certified not to suffer from any delusions. This is a physical model that I am proposing as simplified as possible. I once attended a talk, labelled the ‘University of Bristol Centenary Lecture’, by the Stanford University Physicist and three-dimensional string theorist Leonard Susskind, who was still coming to terms with the passing of time and viewed the world in the shallow three dimensions he was immediately presented with.

Now the Fifth Dimension can be interacted with, some people have a ‘killer instinct’ and those that do are in tune with the ‘cosmic resonance’ of this particular phenomenon of reality. To gain an insight into the function of this particular facet of the physical world would require the simple assumption that the whole universe originated from the same place - it is all connected. Every particle of energy within the universe is in some way connected to every other such theorized object at some point in space and time (the regular three dimensions plus the fourth dimension, time).

I would define the ‘killer instinct’ phenomenon as someone who can unaccountably account for and subconsciously make allowances for the unpredictable and unexplained occurrences and variables within any specific defined event, and produce a (decidedly negative) ‘positive outcome’. (A sniper can somehow hit and kill the target from miles away, whilst others would either miss or cause an injury or fail in some other way)

People have to use their ‘extra sensory perception’, or a combination of all their senses to use this ability, perhaps this is what the brain has been developed for; the mastery of this skill. To tune to this resonance, you need a discrete amount of data to see how the universe is currently interacting, and your body can then extrapolate from this how to operate in the next discrete interval of time. This is an ongoing and interactive process.

Two people can talk in plain English, and by using a few simple words, said in a particular way, two unrelated people with differing lives and backgrounds can communicate and relate so much information on so many different levels about what they are conversing, their opinions on each other, their opinions on the world around them, how they feel and interpret certain events, what their senses are telling them, what they think of their neighbours conversation that they might even alter each others perceptions. There is no limit to how much information can be transmitted using this form of communication, but the same cannot be said for the language of mathematics.

Normally mathematics would be involved in presenting such an argument, but I prefer to leave mathematics behind as a tool of the age that is passed, and use the modern English language to define a concept that is so radical that it will propel humankind beyond the furthest stars visible to the future James Webb Space Telescope. As science and mathematics seek to explain what the human mind conceived with the birth of our species, certainly the Aryans who migrated towards India several millennia in the past were familiar with this knowledge and used their language, Sanskrit, to convey their meaning.

Imagine a match. The flame is a three-dimensional object in space; it varies with time and burns down the length of the match which is the fourth dimension in this particular model. The fifth dimension in this model is the energy transfer and interactions that occur during the burning process and affects the rate at which the match burns, and the shape of the flame in three dimensions. This includes the localised and overall concentrations of all the differing types of gases at the active site of burning, the localised consistency of the match and how the variation in consistency affects the flame, the variations in density and pressure. These considerations can all be individually accounted for in the regular four dimensions but together cannot be accounted for accurately, and so get lumped into the fifth dimension. And that is what I define as the ‘rate of energy transfer’ dimension, or rather ‘the path of least resistance’. This dimension will enable faster than light travel using a modified quantum mechanical theory involving quantum jumps in instantaneous energy transfer.

In the case of quantum entanglement or what is sometimes used by computer scientists to describe the process of quantum encryption. Where two halves of a pair of connected photons are separated over an infinite distance, but modulate at exactly the same rate, and so one half is needed to decipher the signal generated by the other half. This theorized process would involve an instantaneous feedback process between the two halves of the pair of photons. This process occurs at a speed faster than light is transmitted through the same matter, and leads to the possibility of mass-transport of material through this particular process through the fifth dimension.

Imagine a device with a twenty-digit numerical display that produces randomized numbers for slightly varying discrete periods of time, completely independently in synchronicity with many other such devices. These devices are currently a reality and are used on a daily basis to protect various limited access systems and information networks from those without the correctly tuned versions.

Appendix 1: The Real Science:
The fifth dimension is the dimension in which the whole of the universe is connected as if it were all just a single point in space and time and every object is immediately next to every other object in this scheme. If there was not space or time, the whole universe would be just a single point (of incredible mass) and this point would be the fifth dimension. Different objects interact as if they were immediately adjacent, no matter how they are disconnected in the other four dimensions.

E=mc2                                                                                              (1)

Einstein’s famous equation relating energy and matter is proof of the fifth dimension – you would need an extra term in this equation to make allowances for calculations involving only four dimensions given the effects of special relativity. A discrete quanta of (three dimensional) energy (moving in time), E, is the product of the one-dimensional property that is mass (the quantity assigned to an object aside from the space or position it occupies, although related to this through its’ density, but id considered ‘constant’ in time), m, multiplied by the speed of light, c, squared, as the universe is constantly expanding at an ever increasing rate in the four dimensions proportional to the speed that is defined as the speed of light.

c2 is the ‘acceleration’ term in this equation to convert the singular mass into the energy term. This could probably be most easily express spherical polar coordinates to show how the c2 term translates m into three dimensions. In five dimensions the universe is a kind of ‘ring doughnut’ in structure where each object in the universe is ‘ring doughnut-shaped’ in the four dimensions (whichever direction you move in you end up travelling in circles if you travel in a ‘straight’ line locally) the ‘unreachable’ bit in the middle is the mass where there is nothing in the ring doughnut - where the centre of mass for the ‘ring doughnut’ object would be located. This concept could be better understood if you read ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking. In an equally distributed column of ring doughnuts, the centre of mass for the whole group would be located within the axis the leads through the centre of all the rings in the column. But if you place two columns adjacent to each other, the axis of the centre of mass of the group would be located along the edge where the two columns of doughnuts touch. For the ‘centre of mass’ to be located in a region that is ‘reachable’ in the ‘ring doughnut model’ you would need to arrange a group of ring doughnuts stacked in such a way that the centre of mass is located in the ring doughnut that is the centre of your frame of reference; the ring doughnut in which your reality is located.

‘Mass in some way describes how objects are bound in the fifth dimension in terms of the other four dimensions’ is the English translation for the Equation (1).


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