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Hang in there, Arlo, man

04/03/2010 16:52:40 Buddy Arlo hey arlo man 
04/03/2010 16:52:56 Buddy Arlo did you manage to get your experiment working at the lhc in the end? 
04/03/2010 16:53:16 Arlo Buddy aye 
04/03/2010 16:53:31 Buddy Arlo so what happened? 
04/03/2010 16:53:40 Arlo Buddy starting collisions in 2 weeks 
04/03/2010 16:53:42 Arlo Buddy 7TeV 
04/03/2010 16:54:02 Buddy Arlo that's pretty good 
04/03/2010 16:54:12 Buddy Arlo which goup are you working on? 
04/03/2010 16:54:23 Arlo Buddy cms 
04/03/2010 16:54:26 Buddy Arlo Paul shark said that he was looking for the b quark 
04/03/2010 16:54:37 Buddy Arlo I'm interested in the graviton 
04/03/2010 16:54:58 Buddy Arlo or being able to manipulate it to stimulate some kind of artificial gravity and cosmic ray sheild 
04/03/2010 16:55:13 Arlo Buddy lol, that's quite some way off 
04/03/2010 16:55:29 Buddy Arlo I hope not too far 
04/03/2010 16:55:56 Buddy Arlo the muon scattering experiments must still be going on tho, that apparatus might be able to help 
04/03/2010 16:56:18 Arlo Buddy muon scattering experiement? 
04/03/2010 16:56:20 Arlo Buddy like what? 
04/03/2010 16:57:17 Buddy Arlo they are meant to have outpost stations to detect the muons that come out of the collisions and are produced at the proton source 
04/03/2010 16:57:34 Arlo Buddy well that's just part of the detector 
04/03/2010 16:57:38 Arlo Buddy you mean the muon chambers 
04/03/2010 16:57:46 Buddy Arlo yeah and he ones off site 
04/03/2010 16:57:55 Arlo Buddy ? 
04/03/2010 16:58:30 Buddy Arlo there are some detectors not on site, but stationed miles away through the rock 
04/03/2010 16:58:38 Arlo Buddy like what? 
04/03/2010 16:58:50 Buddy Arlo I think bristol university has links to cern and I did some particle physics there 
04/03/2010 16:59:07 Arlo Buddy which detector you on about? 
04/03/2010 16:59:52 Buddy Arlo I don't know specifics, but Dr Goldstein I think he is called said that there were exgternal detectors working on the muon and neutrinos emmitted from the collisions 
04/03/2010 17:00:29 Arlo Buddy not at cern 
04/03/2010 17:00:35 Arlo Buddy you might be thinking ot T2K 
04/03/2010 17:00:40 Arlo Buddy in japan 
04/03/2010 17:01:04 Buddy Arlo oh right well I thoguht they might have some side experiment like that at cern 
04/03/2010 17:01:53 Buddy Arlo I know it's pretty hard and difficult and would take lots of attempts, but if you do find out anything about the gravitons that are being discovered I would be interested 
04/03/2010 17:02:15 Buddy Arlo because I want to make a UK spacefligh program 
04/03/2010 17:02:31 Buddy Arlo like convert a former nuclear power plant site into a spaceport
04/03/2010 17:02:41 Arlo Buddy graviton is extremely unlikely to be discovered in this generation of experiments 
04/03/2010 17:02:42 Buddy Arlo I think sussex univeristy have a satellite launch company 
04/03/2010 17:02:50 Arlo Buddy you'd need 10-15years + of data 
04/03/2010 17:02:52 Arlo Buddy and even then 
04/03/2010 17:03:08 Buddy Arlo and it's now getting cheaper to import the rockets from private us firms 
04/03/2010 17:03:19 Buddy Arlo You can do it Arlo!! 
04/03/2010 17:03:36 Arlo Buddy lol 
04/03/2010 17:04:08 Buddy Arlo so you see paul much these days? 
04/03/2010 17:04:21 Arlo Buddy yeah all the time 
04/03/2010 17:04:28 Arlo Buddy he works down the corridor from me 
04/03/2010 17:04:34 Buddy Arlo ha 
04/03/2010 17:04:49 Buddy Arlo Simon is trying to research the stuff I did in bristol 
04/03/2010 17:04:56 Buddy Arlo core/shell semiconductor interfaces 
04/03/2010 17:05:35 Arlo Buddy organic semi conductors 
04/03/2010 17:05:50 Buddy Arlo yeah I think that is pretty useless right now 
04/03/2010 17:06:09 Buddy Arlo I think my device had like a 2-3 % efficiency but it should have had at least 15% 
04/03/2010 17:06:45 Buddy Arlo but it got nerfed using quartz, as they were trying to pull the 'indium has been depleted' game 
04/03/2010 17:07:08 Arlo Buddy what you doing now? 
04/03/2010 17:07:14 Arlo Buddy you've finished at bristol right? 
04/03/2010 17:07:32 Buddy Arlo but I think using electrodeposition, in a pulsed technique you can get the right deposition to improve the efficiency to higher levels using the quantum confinement property of nanoscience 
04/03/2010 17:07:46 Buddy Arlo I've just graduated, I got a second class bsc 
04/03/2010 17:07:51 Buddy Arlo so just looking for some work right now 
04/03/2010 17:07:56 Arlo Buddy 2.1? 
04/03/2010 17:08:02 Buddy Arlo I am thinking of asking hsbc for a 1 billion pound loand 
04/03/2010 17:08:12 Buddy Arlo nope second class lowr division 
04/03/2010 17:08:12 Arlo Buddy good luck with that 
04/03/2010 17:08:13 Arlo Buddy lol 
04/03/2010 17:08:21 Buddy Arlo this guy called Dr Odell fucked me over 
04/03/2010 17:08:59 Buddy Arlo he doesn't really know shit, just goes around harassing people int he department because he thinks he is some kind of gangsta in the uob physics depertment 
04/03/2010 17:09:29 Buddy Arlo and so he makes them think its funny to mess people's lives up
04/03/2010 17:09:52 Buddy Arlo I wouldn't work with him if he tries to weasle his way into cern 
04/03/2010 17:09:59 Buddy Arlo he isn't that well connected 
04/03/2010 17:10:19 Buddy Arlo that's jeff odell 
04/03/2010 17:11:00 Buddy Arlo but yeah if you find the graviton, I would pay you out of my billion pounds for it 
04/03/2010 17:11:42 Arlo Buddy lol, dude that's fucking ridiculous 
04/03/2010 17:11:50 Buddy Arlo ;) 
04/03/2010 17:12:15 Buddy Arlo HSBC have to keep the game going 
04/03/2010 17:12:40 Buddy Arlo no one would believe that they own any rolling stock in the uk if they can't make loans o the government... 
04/03/2010 17:13:32 Arlo Buddy so you think they'll lend you 1bn? 
04/03/2010 17:13:51 Arlo Buddy you're dreaming 
04/03/2010 17:13:53 Buddy Arlo I don' know, but thet should 
04/03/2010 17:14:02 Arlo Buddy why? 
04/03/2010 17:14:19 Buddy Arlo because I got a degree from the university of bristol in physics man 
04/03/2010 17:14:36 Arlo Buddy so they should lend me at least 1bn too? 
04/03/2010 17:14:45 Arlo Buddy and every other physics graduate? 
04/03/2010 17:14:49 Buddy Arlo nah youare working at cern 
04/03/2010 17:14:55 Arlo Buddy so? 
04/03/2010 17:15:04 Buddy Arlo you the moeny when the gravitons start working in space 
04/03/2010 17:15:10 Arlo Buddy wtf 
04/03/2010 17:15:35 Buddy Arlo yeah I have written some articles and made some plans and connexions and stuff 
04/03/2010 17:15:45 Arlo Buddy re what? 
04/03/2010 17:15:48 Arlo Buddy gravitons? 
04/03/2010 17:15:54 Buddy Arlo it's pretty high up stuff organising this project 
04/03/2010 17:16:02 Arlo Buddy which project? 
04/03/2010 17:16:20 Buddy Arlo yeah you could get more control of the experiemnt if you ganged up with paul and made a graviton group 
04/03/2010 17:16:31 Buddy Arlo my billion pound loan project 
04/03/2010 17:16:40 Arlo Buddy a) we're not on the same experiment 
04/03/2010 17:16:46 Arlo Buddy b) that would never float 
04/03/2010 17:16:58 Arlo Buddy and c) it's already covered in the exotics group I expect 
04/03/2010 17:17:11 Buddy Arlo you need to do it as a side experiemnt, like smoking pot 
04/03/2010 17:17:20 Arlo Buddy yeh? 
04/03/2010 17:17:24 Arlo Buddy with which detector? 
04/03/2010 17:17:37 Arlo Buddy it's already covered in exotics anyway 
04/03/2010 17:17:55 Buddy Arlo well it's like in russia they have rival bureaus 
04/03/2010 17:18:13 Arlo Buddy yeah, we have rival experiments 
04/03/2010 17:18:15 Buddy Arlo wht does cms do anyway? 
04/03/2010 17:19:34 Arlo Buddy cms is one of 2 multipurpose detectors on the LHC ring 
04/03/2010 17:20:42 Buddy Arlo you need to find a way of manipulating the particles... I don't suppose you can use the detectors to do that 
04/03/2010 17:20:59 Arlo Buddy no 
04/03/2010 17:21:08 Arlo Buddy and why? 
04/03/2010 17:21:16 Arlo Buddy the detector manipulates some partciels 
04/03/2010 17:21:19 Arlo Buddy *particles 
04/03/2010 17:21:22 Arlo Buddy charged ones 
04/03/2010 17:21:26 Buddy Arlo so you can make some kind of superweapon 
04/03/2010 17:21:42 Arlo Buddy you actually need to stop smoking crack 
04/03/2010 17:21:48 Buddy Arlo in America the guy behind the anthrax attacks was just one of the government scientists 
04/03/2010 17:22:01 Buddy Arlo so I guess that's a bit too dodgy 
04/03/2010 17:22:15 Buddy Arlo I think they have a linac in stanford 
04/03/2010 17:22:22 Buddy Arlo I went to a talk by leonard susskind 
04/03/2010 17:22:34 Buddy Arlo not sure if you have a string theory group at cern 
04/03/2010 17:22:41 Arlo Buddy err yeah that would be SLAC 
04/03/2010 17:22:46 Arlo Buddy stopped now 
04/03/2010 17:22:49 Buddy Arlo but I wrote an article about the 5th dimension 
04/03/2010 17:22:55 Arlo Buddy there is a theory group at cern yes 
04/03/2010 17:23:04 Buddy Arlo maybe your work could help prove that exists int he form I described 
04/03/2010 17:23:56 Buddy Arlo 2 spontaneously generated pairs of particles that are definatly instantaneously linked 
04/03/2010 17:24:10 Buddy Arlo rather a pair of 2 particles 
04/03/2010 17:25:11 Buddy Arlo I'm more of a general physicist, but my grandfather wa a geophysicist part time author and my dad also did phyics at cambridge so kind of stuck in a rut 
04/03/2010 17:25:33 Arlo Buddy you looking for a phd? 
04/03/2010 17:25:47 Buddy Arlo I want the money and the naked ladies!! 
04/03/2010 17:26:38 Buddy Arlo so if I get some of that then sure I would do a phd 
04/03/2010 17:26:55 Buddy Arlo butnot sure if they could afford me 
04/03/2010 17:27:18 Arlo Buddy lol, yeah you're clearly pretty desirable 
04/03/2010 17:27:41 Buddy Arlo yeah well life isn't too great, but you got to keep trying 
04/03/2010 17:28:03 Buddy Arlo I used to live so well as a kid onthe beach in dubai maybe one day can get back to that 
04/03/2010 17:29:33 Buddy Arlo do you have an email address I could send you a cv if you think that you could get me some moeny for a phd? 
04/03/2010 17:30:07 Arlo Buddy i sure as hell won't be able to get you cash for a phd 
04/03/2010 17:30:14 Arlo Buddy you need to apply to a university 
04/03/2010 17:30:37 Buddy Arlo ahh well no one has advertised to me yet 
04/03/2010 17:30:50 Buddy Arlo guess I got stitched up 
04/03/2010 17:31:04 Arlo Buddy you need to apply to them 
04/03/2010 17:31:08 Arlo Buddy not the other way round 
04/03/2010 17:31:20 Buddy Arlo I'm probably more locally based here int he west country now though 
04/03/2010 17:31:28 Buddy Arlo so don't really have the motivation 
04/03/2010 17:42:36 Buddy Arlo but i'll let you know if I get one a program 
04/03/2010 17:42:42 Buddy Arlo *on 
04/03/2010 17:52:13 Arlo Buddy so when you applying for your 1bn loan? 
04/03/2010 18:27:02 Buddy Arlo at some point 
04/03/2010 18:27:14 Buddy Arlo will get some names of people involved 
04/03/2010 18:27:33 Buddy Arlo I know a guy who is on the inside on one of their graduate programs who has a gun so he might be able to help me 
04/03/2010 18:27:58 Arlo Buddy and what is this bn for again? 
04/03/2010 18:28:10 Buddy Arlo it's for the UK spaceport 
04/03/2010 18:28:29 Buddy Arlo I think it could be put at a nuclear reactor site, where they have established safety protocol 
04/03/2010 18:28:34 Buddy Arlo and for my wages 
04/03/2010 18:28:48 Buddy Arlo and so it will mostly be done my contractors 
04/03/2010 18:28:54 Buddy Arlo *by 
04/03/2010 18:29:09 Arlo Buddy and what's this spaceport for? 
04/03/2010 18:29:24 Buddy Arlo and once it is making money it will fund the moon and mars uk bases 
04/03/2010 18:29:32 Buddy Arlo and the uk spacefleet 
04/03/2010 18:30:00 Buddy Arlo will also build a microwave pule weapon to destroy space debris as a kind of planetary sheild 
04/03/2010 18:30:08 Buddy Arlo *microwave pulse 
04/03/2010 18:30:15 Buddy Arlo but I would need loads of money fo rthat 
04/03/2010 18:30:27 Buddy Arlo and then I will build a large castle 
04/03/2010 18:30:31 Buddy Arlo like 30-50 storeys high 
04/03/2010 18:30:55 Arlo Buddy right 
04/03/2010 18:30:58 Buddy Arlo with dimensions roughly 40x80m open space on the roof 
04/03/2010 18:31:09 Buddy Arlo with a cathedral at one end covering about a third of that area 
04/03/2010 18:31:19 Buddy Arlo as a centre of government 
04/03/2010 18:31:28 Arlo Buddy lol 
04/03/2010 18:31:46 Buddy Arlo with like labs, and an academy, and other governemtn facilities in a nuclear bunker style 
04/03/2010 18:31:50 Buddy Arlo on a granite rock 
04/03/2010 18:32:00 Buddy Arlo so it's above ground as much as below ground 
04/03/2010 18:32:08 Arlo Buddy 
04/03/2010 18:32:14 Arlo Buddy don't know if you're aware of them 
04/03/2010 18:32:16 Buddy Arlo and then like stonework facade so it looks like an authentic castle 
04/03/2010 18:32:22 Arlo Buddy looks like there is already a uk space agency 
04/03/2010 18:32:24 Arlo Buddy lol 
04/03/2010 18:32:28 Buddy Arlo yeah 
04/03/2010 18:32:31 Buddy Arlo it started recently 
04/03/2010 18:32:37 Buddy Arlo it's only got like 1.5 mil 
04/03/2010 18:32:55 Buddy Arlo I am more into having my own setup 
04/03/2010 18:33:08 Arlo Buddy yeah, I mean HSBC will def lend you 1bn 
04/03/2010 18:33:08 Buddy Arlo I have a lot of experience at running a game online 
04/03/2010 18:33:09 Arlo Buddy lol 
04/03/2010 18:33:17 Arlo Buddy i'm sure that's going to help 
04/03/2010 18:33:28 Buddy Arlo I hope so 
04/03/2010 18:33:39 Buddy Arlo once it's all setup I will take a pension 
04/03/2010 18:33:52 Arlo Buddy dude, I think you need to get real 
04/03/2010 18:33:58 Buddy Arlo I'm more interested in the manned side of space exploration, like sending people to the moon and mars like they sent people to australia 
04/03/2010 18:33:59 Arlo Buddy HSBC aren't going to lend you 25k 
04/03/2010 18:34:03 Arlo Buddy let alone 1bn 
04/03/2010 18:34:06 Buddy Arlo sure they will 
04/03/2010 18:34:13 Buddy Arlo I got a 10 bil gbp rating 
04/03/2010 18:34:23 Arlo Buddy what? 
04/03/2010 18:34:32 Buddy Arlo yeah I know it sounds incredible 
04/03/2010 18:34:46 Arlo Buddy you have a credit rating of 10bn? 
04/03/2010 18:34:47 Buddy Arlo but I went to a prestigious school and I met some people there 
04/03/2010 18:34:51 Arlo Buddy I really doubt that 
04/03/2010 18:34:52 Buddy Arlo yeah for real 
04/03/2010 18:35:08 Buddy Arlo it's because I'm one of the best 
04/03/2010 18:35:17 Buddy Arlo but I am in a rut at the moment 
04/03/2010 18:35:26 Buddy Arlo my grandfather set it up, he was a director of BP 
04/03/2010 18:36:04 Arlo Buddy you're one of the best at what exactly? 
04/03/2010 18:36:33 Buddy Arlo in terms of this current global governmental game situation, I am one of the best 
04/03/2010 18:36:49 Buddy Arlo like before they had millions dying for not realising I needed to be on top 
04/03/2010 18:36:52 Arlo Buddy and what credentials do you have supporting this? 
04/03/2010 18:36:53 Buddy Arlo this was generations ago 
04/03/2010 18:37:06 Buddy Arlo my grandfather wrote some books 
04/03/2010 18:37:11 Buddy Arlo and I have got a degree 
04/03/2010 18:37:14 Buddy Arlo and written some articles 
04/03/2010 18:37:15 Arlo Buddy no, not your grandfather 
04/03/2010 18:37:17 Arlo Buddy you 
04/03/2010 18:37:26 Buddy Arlo yeah well I have real experience 
04/03/2010 18:37:29 Buddy Arlo like life experience 
04/03/2010 18:37:30 Arlo Buddy with? 
04/03/2010 18:37:41 Arlo Buddy go on 
04/03/2010 18:37:42 Buddy Arlo all this kind of stuff 
04/03/2010 18:37:48 Buddy Arlo I grew up with servants 
04/03/2010 18:37:59 Buddy Arlo I went to a school that is very hierachichal 
04/03/2010 18:38:08 Buddy Arlo I have real experience with peopel on the internet 
04/03/2010 18:38:37 Buddy Arlo I have my own kind of unique methods building on the current setup that will be the most profitable 
04/03/2010 18:39:23 Arlo Buddy and so you think you can outbid bnsc? 
04/03/2010 18:39:51 Buddy Arlo they are small time, if they got a large enough budget they would hire me 
04/03/2010 18:39:58 Arlo Buddy why exactly? 
04/03/2010 18:40:10 Arlo Buddy and you think they'd come to you? 
04/03/2010 18:40:15 Buddy Arlo I have just been speaking at a forum called the better bath forum, on the effects of a windturbine 
04/03/2010 18:40:26 Buddy Arlo the money 
04/03/2010 18:40:42 Buddy Arlo I would convince my Section of society that htis was the future 
04/03/2010 18:40:54 Buddy Arlo then the conscipts would end up like austalians 
04/03/2010 18:41:01 Buddy Arlo *Australians 
04/03/2010 18:41:02 Arlo Buddy your section of society? 
04/03/2010 18:41:10 Buddy Arlo the governing body 
04/03/2010 18:41:31 Arlo Buddy you don't think nasa might beat you to it? 
04/03/2010 18:41:43 Buddy Arlo yeas sure they will 
04/03/2010 18:41:46 Buddy Arlo I am just using the game 
04/03/2010 18:42:03 Buddy Arlo but once up to speed we have better social technology 
04/03/2010 18:42:18 Arlo Buddy um what game might that be? 
04/03/2010 18:42:29 Buddy Arlo like spacex 
04/03/2010 18:42:31 Buddy Arlo bnsa 
04/03/2010 18:42:37 Buddy Arlo sussex space technologies 
04/03/2010 18:42:38 Buddy Arlo etc 
04/03/2010 18:42:45 Buddy Arlo bae systems 
04/03/2010 18:42:48 Buddy Arlo eads astrium 
04/03/2010 18:42:52 Buddy Arlo the esa 
04/03/2010 18:42:56 Buddy Arlo roscomos 
04/03/2010 18:42:57 Buddy Arlo nasa 
04/03/2010 18:42:59 Arlo Buddy those are the 'games'? 
04/03/2010 18:43:03 Buddy Arlo they all got shit to sell 
04/03/2010 18:43:17 Buddy Arlo no they are the competition 
04/03/2010 18:43:22 Arlo Buddy right 
04/03/2010 18:43:26 Arlo Buddy what's this game then 
04/03/2010 18:43:35 Arlo Buddy you know what the annual budget of nasa is btw? 
04/03/2010 18:43:53 Buddy Arlo if you can use what currently easily available without putting any o fyou own resources in 
04/03/2010 18:43:58 Buddy Arlo I suppose like being a middle man 
04/03/2010 18:44:05 Buddy Arlo 10 bil usd 
04/03/2010 18:44:09 Buddy Arlo but they could leverage it 
04/03/2010 18:44:12 Buddy Arlo to 300 bill 
04/03/2010 18:44:16 Arlo Buddy 10bil? 
04/03/2010 18:44:17 Arlo Buddy LOL 
04/03/2010 18:44:18 Buddy Arlo they are probably scared of he gilt market 
04/03/2010 18:44:28 Arlo Buddy you're 2 orders of magnitude out 
04/03/2010 18:44:31 Arlo Buddy more like 100mil 
04/03/2010 18:45:04 Buddy Arlo spacex has a larger budget than that 
04/03/2010 18:45:16 Arlo Buddy maybe, but i was asking about nasa 
04/03/2010 18:45:17 Buddy Arlo and it's just this guy's personal project 
04/03/2010 18:45:23 Buddy Arlo its about 13 bill 
04/03/2010 18:45:26 Arlo Buddy point being, your numbers are way off 
04/03/2010 18:45:26 Buddy Arlo but it's fixed 
04/03/2010 18:45:39 Buddy Arlo gwb agreed to increase it to 1 tril after the gulf war 
04/03/2010 18:45:42 Buddy Arlo to send men to mars 
04/03/2010 18:45:49 Buddy Arlo but they got obama in instead 
04/03/2010 18:46:08 Buddy Arlo but like 
04/03/2010 18:46:11 Buddy Arlo with 100 mil 
04/03/2010 18:46:19 Buddy Arlo we would compete with them 
04/03/2010 18:46:30 Buddy Arlo we got the nukes and the icbms and the practice 
04/03/2010 18:46:43 Buddy Arlo and the networking capability 
04/03/2010 18:46:52 Buddy Arlo the yanks are mostly peasants with large cars 
04/03/2010 18:48:14 Buddy Arlo so they enjoy their lives but they can't really handle it 
04/03/2010 18:48:43 Arlo Buddy average nasa budget is 10mil 
04/03/2010 18:48:45 Buddy Arlo they would be better suited to working under an overseer 
04/03/2010 18:48:47 Arlo Buddy sorry bil 
04/03/2010 18:48:49 Arlo Buddy /year 
04/03/2010 18:48:50 Buddy Arlo yeah 
04/03/2010 18:48:55 Arlo Buddy far more than spaceX 
04/03/2010 18:49:36 Arlo Buddy and the yanks dominate this industry far far more than the UK will ever do 
04/03/2010 18:49:42 Buddy Arlo yeah sure 
04/03/2010 18:50:00 Buddy Arlo but that's only because I am not in charge yet 
04/03/2010 18:50:07 Arlo Buddy lol 
04/03/2010 18:50:15 Buddy Arlo once I am it will be back to piracy in space! 
04/03/2010 18:50:15 Arlo Buddy you're seriously kidding yourself 
04/03/2010 18:50:24 Buddy Arlo about what? 
04/03/2010 18:50:33 Buddy Arlo theycould ave done this thousands of years ago 
04/03/2010 18:50:37 Arlo Buddy sure 
04/03/2010 18:50:40 Buddy Arlo but the world wasn't ready 
04/03/2010 18:50:43 Arlo Buddy wtf 
04/03/2010 18:50:47 Buddy Arlo yeah 
04/03/2010 18:50:48 Arlo Buddy how would they have done that? 
04/03/2010 18:51:09 Buddy Arlo how do spacies like humans evolve in the first place? 
04/03/2010 18:51:19 Arlo Buddy that's not the question 
04/03/2010 18:51:22 Arlo Buddy nor the answer 
04/03/2010 18:52:36 Buddy Arlo well in ancient times they had ancient regimes, far more organised than any of todays societies 
04/03/2010 18:53:00 Buddy Arlo where they controled breeding and movements and other interactions to a far greater degree 
04/03/2010 18:53:12 Buddy Arlo but before they started developing crops 
04/03/2010 18:53:18 Buddy Arlo to support a larger population 
04/03/2010 18:53:18 Arlo Buddy yeah, though they were probably lacking things like, umm electricity, semi-conductors, theory of gravitation 
04/03/2010 18:53:28 Arlo Buddy all of which seem pretty needed to send shit to space 
04/03/2010 18:53:29 Buddy Arlo as the populationw oul dhave initially dropped considerably 
04/03/2010 18:53:45 Buddy Arlo they used the natural materials 
04/03/2010 18:54:12 Buddy Arlo like in the old days when you could very spcifically poison spcific muscles in the human body using plant extrats from certain places 
04/03/2010 18:54:24 Buddy Arlo the environment changed so they can't do this kind of thing anymore 
04/03/2010 18:54:34 Buddy Arlo and so medicine is still not that advanced yert 
04/03/2010 18:54:56 Buddy Arlo it's probably all under the sea 
04/03/2010 18:55:07 Buddy Arlo only in the last 18000 years has the world been so free of ice 
04/03/2010 18:55:22 Buddy Arlo and in the book I am reading by xenophon 
04/03/2010 18:55:27 Buddy Arlo the anabasis of cyrus 
04/03/2010 18:55:38 Buddy Arlo it's just a 'translation' 
04/03/2010 18:56:17 Buddy Arlo but it talks of how greeks moved across the persian empire rolling rocks down the hiill from all the hilltop fortresses they came across because the persians were chasing them 
04/03/2010 18:57:05 Arlo Buddy so you only going to ask hsbc for this loan? 
04/03/2010 18:57:19 Arlo Buddy you got any noteworthy people on your team? 
04/03/2010 18:57:21 Buddy Arlo well at some point 
04/03/2010 18:57:24 Buddy Arlo not yet 
04/03/2010 18:57:27 Buddy Arlo I will take the money first 
04/03/2010 18:57:42 Buddy Arlo then take it from there 
04/03/2010 18:57:58 Arlo Buddy you only going to ask hsbc? or other banks too? 
04/03/2010 18:58:04 Buddy Arlo I don't know 
04/03/2010 18:58:13 Buddy Arlo I' I'm not really that serious 
04/03/2010 18:58:22 Buddy Arlo but I'll jsut go along with it 
04/03/2010 18:58:28 Buddy Arlo and fuck them up if they don't go along with it 
04/03/2010 18:58:34 Buddy Arlo as that is what they are meant to be doing 
04/03/2010 18:58:56 Arlo Buddy what who is meant to be doing? 
04/03/2010 18:58:58 Arlo Buddy the banks? 
04/03/2010 18:59:09 Arlo Buddy meant to lend people 1bn? 
04/03/2010 18:59:16 Buddy Arlo I will get a letter fromt he government 
04/03/2010 18:59:24 Buddy Arlo or someone like prince william 
04/03/2010 18:59:28 Buddy Arlo supporting my idea 
04/03/2010 18:59:30 Arlo Buddy who in government 
04/03/2010 18:59:37 Arlo Buddy yeah you'd better go with Harry 
04/03/2010 18:59:38 Buddy Arlo I don't know 
04/03/2010 18:59:44 Buddy Arlo like a local counsillor 
04/03/2010 18:59:51 Arlo Buddy he's more retarded, so might actually buy it 
04/03/2010 19:00:47 Buddy Arlo well not sure really....... 
04/03/2010 19:00:55 Buddy Arlo I'm just interested int he money 
04/03/2010 19:01:10 Buddy Arlo then set up a trust fund for me and get the servants in and it all flows from there 
04/03/2010 19:02:49 Arlo Buddy yeah that should convince somebody to lend you 1bn 
04/03/2010 19:03:11 Buddy Arlo it's pretty difficult to arrange everything properly if you don't do it correctly 
04/03/2010 19:03:18 Buddy Arlo yeah 
04/03/2010 19:03:46 Buddy Arlo Lloyds tried to cut my credit card down to £550 from 1000 
04/03/2010 19:03:46 Arlo Buddy sure, I mean it should work if you just tell whoever at the bank that you're just interested in the money then you get servants in and go from there 
04/03/2010 19:03:49 Buddy Arlo without an agreement 
04/03/2010 19:03:54 Arlo Buddy I'm sure they'll be convinced 
04/03/2010 19:03:54 Buddy Arlo and then tried to charge extra fees 
04/03/2010 19:04:03 Buddy Arlo so I told them to pay me compensation for speakin ot them for an hour 
04/03/2010 19:04:08 Buddy Arlo and they haven't yet 
04/03/2010 19:04:16 Buddy Arlo andI was higher ranking than any of their employees 
04/03/2010 19:04:19 Arlo Buddy sorry I thought you had 10bn credit rating? 
04/03/2010 19:04:21 Buddy Arlo so they had to take my orders 
04/03/2010 19:04:23 Buddy Arlo do you get it? 
04/03/2010 19:05:00 Arlo Buddy what about the 10bn credit rating? 
04/03/2010 19:05:03 Arlo Buddy lol 
04/03/2010 19:05:13 Buddy Arlo I don't really know 
04/03/2010 19:05:24 Buddy Arlo it's just about being able to convince people 
04/03/2010 19:05:27 Arlo Buddy maybe time to wake up and smoke less crack? 
04/03/2010 19:05:39 Buddy Arlo so first of all yo need a psychiatrist to say youa re not delusional 
04/03/2010 19:05:48 Buddy Arlo so then you can say things seriousl 
04/03/2010 19:05:49 Buddy Arlo y 
04/03/2010 19:05:49 Arlo Buddy good luck with that hahaha 
04/03/2010 19:05:57 Buddy Arlo which I have already got 
04/03/2010 19:06:01 Buddy Arlo and also a physics degree 
04/03/2010 19:06:06 Buddy Arlo an expensive education 
04/03/2010 19:06:10 Buddy Arlo international experience 
04/03/2010 19:06:11 Buddy Arlo etc 
04/03/2010 19:06:13 Arlo Buddy that means nothing 
04/03/2010 19:06:19 Arlo Buddy (expensive education) 
04/03/2010 19:06:22 Buddy Arlo the world changes so fast 
04/03/2010 19:06:27 Buddy Arlo in the uk 
04/03/2010 19:06:34 Arlo Buddy some of the biggest fuckwits in the world have/had expensive education 
04/03/2010 19:06:35 Buddy Arlo every school is joining the private school game 
04/03/2010 19:06:40 Buddy Arlo and eton is at the top of all 
04/03/2010 19:06:44 Buddy Arlo because it's one of the oldest 
04/03/2010 19:06:49 Buddy Arlo and one of the best facilities 
04/03/2010 19:06:51 Arlo Buddy see above 
04/03/2010 19:06:57 Buddy Arlo you give up a lot going to an all male boarding school 
04/03/2010 19:07:57 Buddy Arlo but I don't think it really matters anyway 
04/03/2010 19:08:17 Buddy Arlo I just want to buy a new car and get some girls and get a proper house again 
04/03/2010 19:08:35 Buddy Arlo so I suppose you have to have some kind of crazy plan to get what you are meant to get normally 
04/03/2010 19:08:57 Arlo Buddy tried the idea of getting a job? 
04/03/2010 19:09:07 Arlo Buddy like you are meant to 'normally'? 
04/03/2010 19:10:51 Arlo Buddy anyway, I'd better let you get on 
04/03/2010 19:10:57 Arlo Buddy sounds like you got lots to do 
04/03/2010 19:28:10 Buddy Arlo yeah 
04/03/2010 19:28:18 Buddy Arlo I need to finish my computer game 
04/03/2010 19:28:23 Buddy Arlo it's taking me days 
04/03/2010 19:28:37 Buddy Arlo really tired though, might go tomorrow, it's starting to get really difficult 
04/03/2010 19:28:43 Arlo Buddy you should probably get on that loan 
04/03/2010 19:28:53 Buddy Arlo heroes of might and magic V 
04/03/2010 19:28:57 Buddy Arlo well it can wait 
04/03/2010 19:29:28 Buddy Arlo I a dossier and gave it to my local mp when the parliamentary ombudsman was there 


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