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Bath In Fashion 2015

Bath in Fashion 2015

Jaeger conversation on style.

Fashion writer Hywel Davies in conversation with Anna Sui (esteemed designer)


·         NYC wedding as a kid [from Detroit]
·         Advert in back of Life magazine for Parsons School of Fashion – just applied and got on course
·         Had a dream she wanted to create (from Vogue and Mademoiselle magazines)
·         Influenced by NY Punk scene
·         Shopaholic
o   New outfit from a thrift shop every day for $5 to look like a rockstar

Getting in there

·         Spent time at college mostly going out rather than studying, dropped out in favour of a job after 2 years
·         Got her collection into Macey’s and other boutique stores
·         Used library/internet/reference book collection for research each fashion collection

How to make it in fashion

From ambition & a great circle of friends
·         Accomplish something tangible/discrete each day
·         Focus
·         Make decisions (choices to make sacrifices to stay on path to success)
·         Right place, right time
“Eventually it all works out” – Anna Sui


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