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A new way of thinking

I know a lot of people come to life with great expectations - I haven't read the book - of what they can and can't do. Most people seem to set the bar too high as 'chavs' -- those without the initial qualifications cannot be accepted, even if they are in the majority until they are qualified.

These types people are unrealistic, and are a product of a faulty education system. It is true that they could end up with a lot more stuff than those in the world they are trying to emulate, but it is also true that they will make enemies of those that they dispossess should they be stupid enough to make enemies in taking what is rightfully not theirs.

Most people should expect to get married one day if they are lucky. But they would first have to get passed school, and then either passed university or their local society somehow. In both of these routes, inevitably if you are not from an initially advantaged background, you will be perceived to be taking resources from others. This will lead to making of enemies and a shorter life expectancy or an unhappy future depending on how the person responds to a reversal of fortune. Some would not like to live on when they get to the time they have to settle down, and these people who try to hate those that have taken back from them what they aren't entitled to - a lot of people who are initially successful fall victim to the problems they created by their successes and have to settle for a lower standard than the average for their starting group. I suppose some 'Posh' people are without any form of 'local' society and are more 'world citizens' and likely live their lives by a different yard stick.

The first thing that school education should teach you is that it limits you. Whilst providing some other benefits, education is more a form of society for mostly young people than anything else. Limited people who use every 'trick in the book' to get ahead are the short term kind of people, they emulate those created 'more successfully' than them. They obviously think they are the same as the people who come from backgrounds with a lot more investment in them, from backgrounds where traditionally certain lifestyles and perks are taken as normal, and other behavioural customs are not popular. But they are being created as delusional. People lives can only get better if no ones life gets worse.

The failure of the system and the short term lapse are now collapsing, the more successful mechanism for managing society is now returning to order. Those that are out of place will now be feeling the squeeze and will move back to doing what they were created for. People are going back and checking certificates and lists and other paperwork to make sure that the exhibited behaviour is appropriate in certain formal settings. Many will be failed and will have to start again. Although most people end up satisfied, those few who are not satisfied are just unlucky.

Essentially the better your start in life the more success you are generally entitled to. Those that do not agree on any other grounds than they want to score points off of their traditional friends are anarchists and need to be reconditioned for the whole machine to keep on turning. The Richard Layard model of economics will only lead to misery for there is no happiness for the majority if there is no long-term security for the minority who manage the system.


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