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Reforms for the world.

I want the human sphere to expand beyond the Earth within my lifetime with off-world colonies across the solar system and possibly beyond. So I need the IOP to help me with this by publishing some of my articles and implementing some of my plans in conjunction with the UK government.

I want to eradicate crime and nastiness – I want every British/UK citizen to have a good time in their lives always, but also to know sadness and tragedy. I want people to live longer, for up to 3000 years on average if you are from the UK.

My prison reforms would need to be implemented; every person needs to be accounted for and to have family and friends. And crime will be eradicated by appropriate training.

I like the idea of slavery but not for the masses but for the powerful few individuals who will ‘oversee’ the society, sacrificing their lives for this type of compensation. So in this society I would get to possess slaves, privately held of course, and the masses will be the slaves of the government system and so to each other.

I think it is good that the UK is a multi-layered society, but I also like the idea of the Big Society, where everyone is made an individual and made individually happy. There will of course be sacrifices to be made, but like in the film 'The Island’ not so destructive the citizens will be treated like Socrates from the Republic by Plato; where they will not be killed or abused if they don’t want to be if they pass the ‘tests’ and become one of the slave-owners. And some of the slave-owners become slaves in time to propagate the system. But there will need to be balance.

I think the police are going to be abolished soon and replaced with a more serious governmental organisation. I want to see only people who are really criminals ‘convicted’ and I want to see them helped not jailed! So maybe there would need to be more comprehensive and personalised ‘sentences’ arranged for those who perpetrate crimes. 

No custodial sentences certainly not for people who have been to school and acquired serious educational qualifications. The inept and incompetent organisation of the current system is too old hat and is not in keeping with the modern 21st century. The government need to micro-manage while managing the country’s affairs on a larger scale.

Accounting for every person’s well-being would be the number one priority. I now think advanced education for most people is a good idea, as it would make the world a better place to manage, but the standards need to be improved. That would be the key to success, having a sustainable system that propagates with 100% effectiveness, that cannot be replicated easily by others.

All the citizens would need to keep training for the whole of their lives to maximise the ‘synergy’ of the ‘nation’. I am not a great believer in the idea of nationhood but I am led to believe it is a well-defined concept of the common consciousness, yet it still has the potential to be exploited well into the future and into space. Mankind is bound to propagate beyond planet Earth, but to effectively manage our affairs we as the Human Race need certain boundaries to be set and one of them is the differing of cultures. This would be the most successful way that humans could continue beyond the horizon of the Earth, by maintaining human cultures.

The UK is exceptionally placed in the current climate to rise once again like a phoenix from the ashes and re-invigorate the world by resurrecting the ashes of the Empire and Commonwealth and propelling this grouping into the unexplored and un-colonised parts of the solar system.

The space programs of the rival nations of the USA, China, Russia, Japan and to a lesser extent the ESA (European Space Agency) and India will fall without our continued support. We need to mobilise, maybe not every citizen but perhaps every family in the UK will need to participate fully in any program of modernisation and expansion undertaken by any aspect of government.

At first, and perhaps always for those of a shallower outlook, the changes will be imperceptible. The work will have to be put in so that each individual unit of the nation will outperform those of the foreign or rival groups set against it. This will need to be set so that this will happen every time and the individuals will feed off their success, while initial failure can never be a barrier to future triumphs propagating.

Once the nation of world-beaters and their subjects are constructed can the future be more securely mapped-out. Groups of unbreakable men and women will be propelled beyond the Earth to increase the prosperity of all those involved. And whilst private venture is encouraged it will be in competition with the government. Only a secure nation composed of a highly cohesive group working with synergy together could be relied upon.

As ever there may be rival factions created within this fantastic framework, and as ever it may be a case of history repeating itself. The Great Empires rise and fall and then rise and fall again and even greater entities grow from the remains. The United Nations is the result of the post-colonial meltdown of effective central world government. This group is the most powerful organisation on the planet in theory but it is critically limited; it relies on the support and co-operation of all of its constituent member states. It is more of a formalised League of Nations competing for supremacy than an effective world government.

An Empire would be built on similar principles but would be able to focus and channel all the output and energy of its constituent parts. That is why the United Nations stifles such progress towards unification, even though the past has proven this to be perfectly compatible with the UN style.

‘The Criminal Psyche’

Criminals like to be free and have what they want on demand. They are very serious people who are both shallow and very deep depending on what level they need to be to get what they want. So both instant gratification and long term fulfilment appeal to them. The more dangerous ones are more interested in instant gratification. They feel like they owe nothing to everyone else, and everyone owes them something. They feel good just playing their games – they can never be trusted and carry on a bit like a party. Sex does not particularly appeal to them, unless there is some personal involvement or someone seduces them.


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