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'Criminal Justice in the UK - a brighter outlook' by William Gaskell

Turn minor criminals into 'geeky' office workers or labourers.

A costly and crazy system change that might not work.

The government want to cut down on short prison sentences. I think this is a bad idea.

Instead they should build facilities to hold people in isolation for short periods. And then make them study! and take formal examinations to get out. And write serious book reviews of all material read with personal opinions expressed.

So a two week sentence would be two weeks worth of 9-5 studying then release upon a certain mark attained for a certain set of exams - so if you study on remand you could get out on day one. If you are a failure would have to be transfered to a dangerous prison for a longer sentence, and different approach/rehabilitation therapy. Also 'probation' would require continued study and exam success to remain in society.

Could have prisons sponsored by academics or academic institutions in order to make prison a serious qualification, for the miscreants to be able to work afterwards without feeling like they are in prison. And also so that they improve themselves to such a level that being sent to a place like prison for a short time would be more than just very embrassing.

Also should pioneer the use of 'sex therapy'. Force the prisoners to practically learn how to have clean safe sex with 'approved sex therapists'. And then pass a practical tests to get out.

Levy a small charge on the prisoners who use the qualification to get work, like student loans are repaid as extra tax.

Take crimes comitted by those who pass the exams and get out more seriously, as they would be well versed in exactly what they are and are not allowed to do after recieving qualifications.

Call these centres 're-education centres'.

Force them to speak to succesfully released criminals from the scheme in a 'buddy' scheme in a controlled environment. So that a serious support framework exists.

Have every prisoner assessed by a suitably qualified psychiatrist, with second and third opinions for any suspected issues.

Bring back prisoner slave labour for government contracts, for the longer sentences. Serious prisoners on whole-life sentences who have exhausted all appeals could be sectioned and compelled to take part in rehabilitatory drugs trials.

Compensation for wrongfully imprisoned people should be made very easy to obtain and very generous as the process would mess all the victims up and help the ones who need help.


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