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I predict, I predict, I predict...

Globalisation will be advanced to the level of Localisation. Only the privileged and well-connected classes will travel as in ancient times those with nothing to lose Might also try. Most seats on a plane or a train will now be first class, with smaller business and Economy Sections - other travellers will be forced to use more traditional methods to be accepted.

~Labour will be divided between academics and researchers and the government and healthcare workers for those that wish to Participate. Enterprise will now be more on a local level and limited to a much smaller segment of the population. Only highly specialised and sophisticated and valuable items will be produced by private enterprise for prestigious and elite clients. The government will be more formally in control using more advanced methods of surveillance, government industries, Healthcare and other apparatus of state. The government will be run as an international multinational, ensuring a superior Quality of life for the British citizen. Preservation will focus on quality. A more effective two-tier system will be re-established. Continuation will again become more favourable.

There will be still be a severe differentiation between the lives of the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’, but not necessarily in the quality of the individual. The ‘upper classes’ and their servants will enjoy more space in larger private residences. The less privileged will live different lives in more confined surroundings but will be trained in school to enjoy the freedoms that are available to them. Quality will ultimately defeat Mass Consumption. Nature will be given a free hand over 50% of the Planet; the Security Council will use military means and severe Economic penalties to ensure this.

GM trees (ultra-fast growing massive hardwood of varieties such as Sequoia and Redwood) and bacteria and algae and other biotic methods will be developed to re-establish the optimum conditions conducive to human life, on Earth and also beyond.

Influential private citizens may build private hospitals and schools and other organisations in order to attempt to compete with the institutions of state. Only the Elite will succeed.

The Armed Forces will be expanded to maintain order in the Lawless countries that cannot Sustain government without Discipline. Taxes will be levied by the Security Council nations of the UN on the developing economies to ensure they comply with global emission or pollution Standards. Those that infringe will be most heavily penalised. Countries like China will have to Justify the ‘upgrade’ in life of every single citizen on an individual basis to the rest of the world, as it has implications on the sustainability of the Earth as a habitable system for human life. Countries that destroy their privileged classes cannot then artificially produce overly resource-hungry people to take their voided places – some things are irreplaceable. They would have to expand off-world. Or else go through the system currently in place – some Barriers are impermeable. Nuclear-armed countries will have to contribute a quota of space launches to the International committee proportional to the number of WMD warheads and ICBMs that they maintain. The UN will gradually take control of these sites for a Global Defence Network, aside from the national defence forces.

Space Exploitation will become the Real Industry of every nation. Colonies and space habitats in objects such as asteroids will be constructed for those who leave the Earth's System to further their Advancement. The prison system will be transferred to the less developed off-world colonies with the associated gravitational ‘Penalties’. 

The goal of the Earth will be to maintain Human Life. In the future there will be no compromise – with no negative consequences.

D'ya know what I mean?


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