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How do people make friends and influence people without really doing anything?

A. The smart gun - I suggest to the Liberal Democrats that there is a
case for withdrawal from Afghanistan over this issue

B. Benefits reform, my idea attached in a letter to David Cameron
would save the government £30 billion in benefits payments by paying
every individual who does not work a capped amount of £12,000 for a
degree certificate and graded so that a Level 2 qualification would
earn you a capped single payment of £4000 per year for example. This
can be administered through the JobCentre Plus infrastructure.

C. NHS waiting list - I have waited since 2005 for an operation on a
lump I have on my forehead which I sustained in an injury which I was
admitted to hospital for. I missed one appointment and I still have
not had the lump removed after 6 years! I keep getting sent to
different hospitals and have not yet had a doctor care about my
treatment. This is outrageous!

D. Police dismissals - I got assaulted by a policeman on duty once
(Stuart Box) while he was on duty - he cut my wrist and I have scars
now. This character is the type of person who would not wish me well
as an adversary from a less prestigious school or poorer background
and I can't see why he is allowed to continue with his bad behaviour
as a policeman. I want him to be fired. I want a policeman to be
dismissed every week and the details reported in depth in the Bath
Chronicle as I suspect this would help police the working environment
and employment practices in this part of the country and would also
ensure staff turnover and impartiality and good behaviour (no one
wants to be publicly humiliated so they would always be mindful of
their actions).

E. Harassment Act - Rio Ferdinand case
of the legislation I work as a lawyer and the law says the magistrate
involved in this particular case is guilty of Harassment as the law
currently stands (harassment act 1997). This law is to prevent
instances like this by compelling people to do their jobs properly ie
police and judges not misusing legislation.

F. Eye-sight I want the government to issue guidelines on the minimum
treatment everyone is entitled to in terms of eyesight. As the law is
now based on 'human rights' instead of slavery which was the basis of
the law in the ancient world. You should expect to be treated with at
least the 20/20 vision standard and this can be legally enforced via

the Harassment Act 1997.


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