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Rules of the fittest

the fittest for government will obviously try to get as much for it as possible. Obviously excessive greed should be punished, but I certainly don't want to be ruled by a bunch of imcompetent losers, this is a welfare state, we need some perspective here. The ones in power > the ones on benefits. Otherwise there is no point in doing anything. Although there are a lot more people on benefits than in parliament so things balance out.

They will obviously try to abuse power without getting caught out for it as no one does something for nothing. But they will also know right from wrong and will have to prove their integrity on a daily basis. As there will be others who will want to take some of their places.

They will be surrounded by scandal, as anyone who doesn't make use of their position for some 'selfish' - if only helping friends, would not do a good job as they would not enjoy it, yet they would constantly need to strive for 'respectability' for them to be heard speaking in the house or networking with the appropriate people. As this will be the only way to keep them in check.

That said anyone caught for serious gross misconduct should be shot.

The reason there should be titled people with secure positions is so that the whole thing doesn't go completely crazy and fall to pieces. There need to be some people who can 'stop the buck'. As it is very difficult for a lot of people to maintain integrity nowadays. I don't think first generation immigrants should be given titles... Only if they are really really good at what they do and invest a lot in material infrastructure in this country and are supported til they get there...

The people who should be in government are the ones who can handle a full life, as you need people who do a lot of different stuff from different aspects of life to know what is really going on. The press should be more bitches than bullies, but I suppose both tactics are needed.

The greeks are totally corrupt, don't ever listen to them or any other of them with that form of government. Republics are not nice places to live, people are all losers there - they like to try coming here. People are always happier in communist/socialistic monarchist regimes, no matter what outward appearances may seem. These systems would seem to be the most efficient/democratic. Really that is the old anglo saxon version of democracy. Some security with the opportunity to progress as far as you want. You would only want to be at the top if you wanted to hang with the people at the top.

If a single competent and qualified person can do it all by themselves, let them, as it means less work and hassle for the rest.

It only failed because a bastard came along and added another insulated layer.

I suppose if you try to change the system, the gangsters who don't care will take over and the quality of life will go down relatively to the foreigners. It's good to have 'upper class' people with real class and power to keep the foreigners feeling like losers.

I think David Cameron has lost the plot. He should maybe step down and join a more appropriate party. All this republican talk will lead to failure. MPs should be the most successful and committed people in the country, at least the lords should be not a bunch of losers. Only some people are secure enough and trained for certain roles, don't give any power to the 'losers' - those outside this system. If you are a loser who can convince us all you can do everything and want to cut the monarchy out, God help us all!


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