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Indian compensation request for British Raj

I thought I would share with you a letter I wrote to Dr Shashi Tharoor MP of Trivandrum in Kerala, India in response to his notorious speech at the Oxford Union (it infamously went viral) on reparations for India from Britain reflecting the British Raj's failings and India's subsequently improved global position in recent times.

I wrote the letter in response to this article posted on his Facebook page:

RE Oxford. What about the exploitation by the lower classes of those from a more privileged background - the real situation? Or of family members who know better through study and hard work being shamelessly criminally tortured by idiots? I think that the issue is teaching people about the official social hierarchy and what people think of those who don't understand are guilty of abuse. The reality is that Britain does owe compensation but only because there were people on both sides who knew well-enough to be considered responsible adults, but the British had official responsibility because of the Angrezi Raj. Most of the criminals in India should technically have been locked up and put through the system to stop them from living depraved and economically deprived lives. They do not have the right to live as if they are in Heaven as unrepentant sinners, rather there is a significant number of people who don't know as well as you and if they did abuse you they should be in prison, even for a single mis-judged comment, if Britain was administering the state, then that is why you are owed compensation by the British. They lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves after defaming the leading members of British society. If you study the paintings by the artist Zoffany you will realise the reality of the situation in India. Furthermore, in Britain we now have a problem because Indian people are not respecting our own social hierarchy, Jeremy Corbyn could be arrested if I wished it so once you acknowledge our system you will realise your thoughts and feelings are a result of your bitter disappointment in life as a result of the poor and wretched souls in Britain who did not live up to the standard set by people like me. You are crazy to think Jeremy Corbyn has the same capacity as someone physically superior to him. Furthermore, democracy, as the word is coined, can only exist off the backs of slaves. We now live in a world between ancient Sparta and Athens created by Xenophon and the Ten Thousand. So when talking about democracy you are talking about a slave state. In a republic, which is a timocracy that acknowledges merit and privilege, and which has an appointed responsible adult in charge, that would be the ideal system - where scientific reason reigns and people have the personal freedom to ask God to forgive their sins so that they can continue to have the power of scientific reason even though might can overcome the power of reason when making decisions in society. Congress does not get on with Labour simply because of the differences in class, mindset and skillset - Congress would enable Indians to have this power but Labour is a party of stupid people who have all committed crimes on a daily basis for too long. They need to acknowledge what they have done wrong publicly, if they are atheists, for them to continue with a clear conscience, I mean that when they protest they commit assault and battery on passers by and stop people from working. They commit election fraud. They do not acknowledge education and qualifications for what they are. They have been known to publicly condone sexual impropriety in our British society and abroad. They have treated each other badly. They refuse to accept that peoples' lives got worse in Britain and abroad because of the recession created by their abuses of power. They did not publicly accept the change in their circumstances that had occurred when I won the boon of becoming an official public notary when I became a PIO in London. For example: they still claim to have authority over police in my city even though they are not in power and it is up to me who gets arrested in my city where I am the biggest player and they are all losers who have no approval to practice their philandering and discriminating, rather than fighting hate with love and ignorance with education as I am attempting on behalf of the UN. There is no way Jeremy Corbyn has as much sex appeal as me yet he is carrying on as if he is cool and down with the kids to slander and malign my life's work. He is not healthy like I am, he is not well-educated or as qualified as me, he is not as well-connected, he in not in power, he could never hope to earn as much as me, he is claiming he could win people over within the legal framework when I am putting him down as who he physically is in reality. This is the type of person who would let man fall into poverty for the sake of getting away with the crime of claiming to be able to have as much power as me. Well, well, well Jeremy Corbyn is just a rebel alliance, mis-informed excuse for a man who wants nothing better than to see Indians suffer for not understanding his motives. He thinks he can publicly get away with making malicious communication, I want to be compensated for him not being in prison because there is provision in law for me to get that from the British state. I put it to you: Jeremy Corbyn knowingly participated in campaigns against your interests both as a Congress party member and personally as a person of Indian origin, simply because he is lower class compared to you. He wants to retire to a mental health home by being compelled as he is a socialist so that is his ideal situation - being cared for at the tax-payers expense. He does not want to live legal or free, he loves being ordered about by an authoritative man. Compared to me he looks bad, like someone who tried to steal my thunder when I was just trying to get laid and have the life of my dreams after having studied and worked hard to become the person I wanted to be. Now that he has caused fights with his miserable disrespect, you will notice he is not talking about compensating India for the humiliation it suffered for a third-rate administration when we all know there was the option of something better that really. It's like Paris Hilton being allowed to get with people who then make a fool out of Indians when it should be up to me who I get with and how much money I get paid in compensation because I actually know better than you in reality. It's like that guy claiming to be a surgeon who assaulted me in Goa's Dabolim Airport and then tried to get me in trouble with the policeman for not reporting him assaulting me because he was jealous I had the best seat on the Air Asia flight, I am better than him at everything and he is making it count against me when in fact that is making life dangerous for everyone. For example, in the UK,  The Lord Bourne is less well-educated, from a less-privileged background, having obtained inferior qualifications, and made less of an impact in his life, he got made a lord and is now wealthy, therefore it is safe to assume just by not putting in effort I will surpass him from my unassailable position as a leading member of British society as in English it is safe to say that I am better than him using the standard indicies used in these comparisons unless there is something we are not being told by Jeremy Corbyn about the nature of his politics regarding India and Indians who have been maligned. He is only going to die for his arrogance, you should write to him to ask him to make this pledge for compensation and the exact wording of the planned award in order to make him prove himself to you as a man.

Dr Shashi Tharoor just posted this video on YouTube which, perhaps you will find to be of interest:


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