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Bath City Conference 2016

Bath City Conference 2016
Notes by William Gaskell at the Guildhall Bath on 1st of July.
Kate Rigby new Human Sustainability lecturer at Bath Spa.
Jess organised the Green University Group lectures.
Cheryl talked about mindset when approaching environment as PhD Student, I mentioned film Planetary to her.

Fairness and Physics – Recarbonising the Environment

Peter Harper, University of Bath.
People now seriously want to live in the Utopian fashion.
Ozone situation is improving whereas other macro-environmental aspects are deteriorating such as biosphere pollution and ocean acidity.
Peter Harper thinks a rapid transition is going to happen soon unless there is a major transformation in how we do things as he assumes that developing countries in Asia will become as polluting as the West is currently.

Zero Carbon Britain

In this scenario Britain can control its emissions without changing the way we live.
·         60% lower air miles in air travel
·         More wind turbines
·         Higher energy and consumable goods cost
There is a conference about it in Bristol in September.
Peter Harper agrees that electricity is really the energy of the future but supports the use of gas in his model.
Cllr Mark Shelford
Cllr Ian Gilchrist from Widcombe
Asks: What needs do people require met?
Assumes amenities need to be within 1 mile or 20 minutes’ walk. Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.
·         Allotments
·         Enforcement of the rules

Ask the panel

“Britain lost the Americas when Lord North was PM, situation now is similar, chaos in parliament.” -Ben Howlett MP for Bath.
RE Brexit referendum petition:
“More than the population of Antarctica are fraudulent votes”
Avoiding the “Turkey vote at Christmas”.
“Show me the boy and I’ll show you the man” – means the kids are the future according to council leader Tim Warren. He thinks tourism will lead to higher paid local jobs, in time, and so this needs to be taken in to consideration when building new houses in Bath.
Sue Mountstevens, Police and Crime Commissioner: needs to be told what to include in her Police and Crime Plan.
Ben Howlett is a dementia friend. His comment brought to mind the films Pushing Tin and High Fidelity, originally books by Nick Hornby.
Tim Warren suggests that he will recommend all his party members become dementia friends, this brings to mind Louis Armstrong playing High Society.
The panel, including former Bath Rugby captain Stuart Hooper and Caroline Kay, Chief Executive of Bath Preservation Trust, supports having a Metro Mayor, which will not be like bringing back the ceremonial county of Avon. This initiative will secure £900m in funding from the central government over 30 years.

I think Bath is wonderful/marvellous.


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