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Shallow comparison of HTC One and Nokia Lumia 925

These are both great phones and similarly priced. I got the HTC One because it was cheaper than the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and was phone of the year and had a lot of things going for it. It is the same price as the Nokia Lumia 925 and I thought it would be much better as I was a bit disappointed with the functionality of Windows Phone and also the performance of my previous phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 which was faulty and could not be repaired so was replaced with a Nokia Lumia 925.

Nokia Lumia 925 seems to have corrected some of the issues I had with the Nokia Lumia 800 such as the weak USB port connection which was the fault that could not be repaired. It has a very decent camera that makes very nice pictures even in low light. Sound quality is decent and there are many graduation levels on the volume control which is excellent, but the speaker is mono and rear facing so some sound is lost. Screen is good. Windows Phone 8 is decent. My complaint is that some of the previous functionality of the old Nokia operating system is lost with Windows Phone such as being able to set the exact time of reminders for events in the calendar which was a very useful function - similar problem with android. Also you cannot have multiple stopwatches running or countdown timers which is a problem and is the same with Android. Nokia Lumia 925 has a much improved call quality compared to the Nokia Lumia 800. It is a fully fucntional phone and well worth having.

The HTC One is higher spec than the Nokia Lumia 925 in all areas apart from the camera. Camera quality is poor on the HTC One and is apparent in night time photography and this is the weakest feature of the phone. The screen is full hd 1080p which is superb and works very well. Volume controls are limited and starts pretty loud and goes louder, although it can still be drowned out in a noisy environment so there is room for improvement on the audio controls and finer control is missing and a greater range of volumes would be desirable. Call quality is much improved compared to Nokia Lumia 800 and is excellent although it does suffer from the small volume range and lack of finer control which I have noticed is needed when talking on the move. Sounds quality is superb also with 2 stereo speakers on the front of the phone is an excellent set up. Phone works well with Skype and also I like the HTC Sense upgrade to the Android operating system although the content seems to be heavily US orientated. The phone is a lot snappier and generally responds quicker than the Nokia Lumia 925 and also the battery life is superior by about 50%. Although some of the controls are not quite as refined as the Nokia Lumia 925 controls such as screen lock button (it is in an awkard position on top of phone on the HTC One and is mroe comfortably located on the side of the Nokia Lumia) and camera button (there is no button on the HTC One) for example are much better on the Nokia Lumia 925. Using the phone on my commute (2 hours total) and during my lunch break (30 minutes) while leaving it on wifi all day leaves me with up to 50% battery when I charge it every night so I would estimate around 15 hours worth battery life per day under normal usage. Nokia Lumia 925 this is significantly less which is a bit of a drawback for that phone.

Android is currently a more liberating experience than Windows Phone and there are some specific Apps that I use that are not available currently on Windows Phone. What is missing on the Android is the Mix Radio function which is a great feature on Nokias.

Overall both phones are worth getting. HTC One is probably worth about 50% more than the Nokia Lumia 925 but both phones have limitations and so I would say they are of equal value for money at the price of £250 for a Nokia Lumia 925 and £350 for an HTC One.


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