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Effective Altruism

It’s not quite Aldous Huxley or George Orwell. I think altruism is what the Dalai Lama perhaps aspires to; kindness, clarity and compassion. This is about humanity rather than about more abstract terms such as the value of money as a metric for happiness or altruism. When dealing with diagnostic labels in mental health, you have to decide whether money is in fact a factor is such a diagnosis or not, given your politics on what money is. Therefore, mental health should be more of a framework that enables those who chose to give up their freedom to live a healthy life, in safety and security within the system. People seek opportunity, therefore by providing such a framework and a decent introduction to a healthy life free of unhappiness is essential to providing a service that is altruistic. We can see this from the British government’s model of social care and welfare programmes, which have proven resilient to mass immigration, a changing demographic, leading to the disruption in the equilibrium of British society.

The most effective cure is an early intervention – people often develop prodromal symptoms of mental ill-health by not accepting certain facts of life, such as what is written about Jesus Christ in the Bible or how wealthy well-established leading members of society want to live their lives. People can overcome the economic challenges they face by being made aware of them.

Another thing that the system would need to create to produce that loving feeling, a feeling of happiness and contentment, would be to allow people to do things with their friends. In the past governments used to give their people war and a foreign enemy to deplore to quote Let Them Eat War by Bad Religion. This is the control mechanism of North Korea which is still considered an effective form of government in the 21st century.

The conclusion is that you should remember the World Health Organisation definition of health as the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of people and it is recommended that people can exercise vigorously for 30 minutes 5 days a week on top of work to be at the global level. This means that making possible aspirations of people to live in a way that is recognisably human – opportunity through reasonable adjustments assessed on each case. This is kind of a legal and business like approach to the pursuit of happiness.

Giving people an occupation that they actually get something they want for doing; respect, friends, a love life, a comfortable situation and good health that goes with that type of security. This can be achieved through mindfulness, keeping people aware of the different stereotypes without pigeon-holing people with an unhappy label. Turning tragedy into comedy using devices such acknowledging other people’s happiness when it is healthy. Mindset over skill-set, once people realise through open, upfront and honest communication what their situation is they will then be able to choose happiness. The happiest people I noticed in Amsterdam were the corporate types gathered around one prostitutes window all cheering each other on when it come to having their time with the prostitute keeping the embarrassment level pretty high, rather than trying to individually approach the most beautiful women’s sex for sale.

A billionaire would give people the opportunity to live better by keeping the economic system that provides us with our humanity and security in a healthy and stable condition while seeking to advance our knowledge and understanding and influence over the universe. Effective altruism would be an opportunity to reach for the stars and live in a perfect world. Effective altruism would create a happy situation for a human with protection from the problems you have discussed. To quote Octavia Hill, co-founder of the National Trust who said in 1883: “ We all need space, unless we have it we cannot reach that sense of quiet in which whispers of better things come to us gently.”


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