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RE: Grant Shapps fundraising email

Dear Grant, I agree with your policies apart from cutting welfare. I think if you make the right investment in people than we would become a much richer nation because of it. Too often I see people who cannot afford to live the middle class life when relegated to a life on benefits due to the vagaries of our culture and economic system. Empowering people with the money they need to get on in life will create a more equal and fairer society which will generate more money.  Sure enough immigration should be limited to those with some kind of connection to the UK - giving power to groups who are opposed to our success is not justified regardless of the hardship they may otherwise face because of their actions and beliefs and failure to support our ambitions for a better world. Think about it. One more thing is that minority groups, specifically Anglo-Indians are not being protected or represented as they should be. They are a British ethnic group comprising millions of British peo

Shallow comparison of HTC One and Nokia Lumia 925

These are both great phones and similarly priced. I got the HTC One because it was cheaper than the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and was phone of the year and had a lot of things going for it. It is the same price as the Nokia Lumia 925 and I thought it would be much better as I was a bit disappointed with the functionality of Windows Phone and also the performance of my previous phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 which was faulty and could not be repaired so was replaced with a Nokia Lumia 925. Nokia Lumia 925 seems to have corrected some of the issues I had with the Nokia Lumia 800 such as the weak USB port connection which was the fault that could not be repaired. It has a very decent camera that makes very nice pictures even in low light. Sound quality is decent and there are many graduation levels on the volume control which is excellent, but the speaker is mono and rear facing so some sound is lost. Screen is good. Windows Phone 8 is decent. My complaint is that some of the pre