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Comedy London

All the people turned out for his arrival into London. There were the dingbats, the nincompoops, the plonkers, the wallys, the twits. And the geeks and the fashionistas, the good guys and dreadlocked-rastas, the saints and sinners, the bold, the brave, the sad, the lonely. And the game could not tell what outfit he was wearing under his coat, so misplayed their position & ended up with a headache for two weeks. And the gangsters, the hooligans, the rudeboys, the upstarts, the young and the crazed, the depraved were all in total awe of his charisma. And so to were the dunderheads, the dumbos, the cretins, the dullards, the duffnuts, the chuffnuts, the nuts and the dorks. And the berks and the muppets. And everyone was made to feel a buffoon by their own behaviour as every little thing she does is magic.