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Comedy London Miami Update

1440 Society meeting at 170 Queen’s Gate

1440 Society meeting at 170 Queen’s Gate, Imperial College, London President’s Residence, on Thursday 17 th March 2016 at 7 pm Lord Grade, Michael Grade, Chairman of Pinewood Studios Found his way into film from the East End of London – his grandfather was a Ukrainian immigrant. His uncle Lou was a world champion Charleston dancer. As there was no money in dancing he decided to become a variety agent along with his brothers, Michael Grade’s father and other brother Bernie in order to make money. After seeing a TV advertisement, Lou said “let’s go into television” and that became the family business. Michael started his career after school as a sports journalist. Infamously he watched Muhammed Ali being knocked out. Although the Daily Mirror hangout was the White Hart pub, one day he went down to the Daily Express hangout, another pub with all the other sports journalists of the day. Someone gave a tip on a winning horse at 8-1, all the journalists from all the different pape

LETTERS TO BEN: Public Transport in Bath

LETTERS TO BEN: ID Documentation Used by DBS

LETTERS TO BEN: Accessing Better Housing in Bath

LETTERS TO BEN: National Careers Service

Dear Ben, Please find forwarded below the helpful advice I received from the National Careers Service RE compensation, which mirrored the advice Sue and Shirley offered after our meeting today. I hope I am communicating with you clearly enough that I want more money and more satisfaction from life, I want jobs to be easier and the girls to be easier as I currently feel frustrated. I don't feel I should have to do any more work to get it other than to raise this complaint at this point. The thing I am most looking forward to is the rugby world cup in 2019 in Japan which I plan to go to with friends. Regards, William Thanks. In reply to your email, the following information might be helpful to you.   Your CV and cover letter look fine and you have some good work experience. Have you been keeping an eye on Hinkley point (near Bridgewater)? Here in the South West that is probably the biggest ongoing potential nuclear project at the moment and you could send a

LETTERS TO BEN: Curry Night Thanks + Siren Alert + Obtaining Security Clearance for Nuclear

Dear Ben, It was an enlivening evening with Johnny Mercer MP at Mint last night, it was great to get to meet Johnny and be inspired by his story ad also meet with other members of the Bath Conservatives. On a more sobering note, earlier in the day, I banged my index finger on the table as I was startled by the unnecessary use or a siren starting up just outside my house. It is a minor injury but very painful and debilitating. I just wanted to make the point that we don't want to hear sirens blaring in Bath, especially not if they will cause anxiety or other injury through stress or shock. I think that the emergency services have been using sirens inappropriately which is a dangerous for drivers and others.  For example, the roadway along Camden Crescent is over a private viaduct, the council has maintained a public roadway but it would cost millions of pounds of council money to maintain the arrangement if the viaduct gets further damaged by dangerous driving along Cam

LETTERS TO BEN: Our local Magistrates’ and County Court is at risk of closure

Dear Ben, Thanks for this update. I think the court was a shambles, abusing vulnerable people and typically corrupt because of the situation in our city - too many abuses and no one with integrity to sort out problems because of the competitive nature of our society which has led to everyday violence becoming the norm and London being another world. Simply because these 25 staff you are talking about made their careers as trouble-makers rather than problem-solvers.  I suggest you give those MoJ jobs to some of the vulnerable adults you were talking about and let the corrupt court staff become unemployed because I would like to complain about their behaviour over the years. There are so many laws I could use to sue people for silly offences or get them locked up but none of these guys cared about this serious situation. Sorry about this. Please could you think of a way to make life better for people who have suffered abuse as a result of these people involved in administering t

LETTERS TO BEN: Defence Review + Lord's Prayer in Schools + Volunteering in India + Israel/Palestine issue

Dear Ben, It was good to see you at the Palace of Westminster and Bath Abbey more recently, saddened you couldn't join us at the pub afterwards! Perhaps see you for a drink in the future at the Crystal Palace or the Green Man. I have been talking to a few people about the UK's position when it comes to defence strategy. I have a few points I would like to raise with you, perhaps these need to be addressed more secretly. The need to defend usual points of entry into the UK such as ports, international train stations and airports, in case of a "breach of trust" attack where foreign militaries would be allowed to send in commandos through existing civilian channels in a concerted and coordinated assault. There would need to be sufficient military presence to defend against hundreds arriving at each location simultaneously before the borders could be closed in a potential conventional attack. Saudi Arabia was a country formed when 12 men with rifles scaled the wall