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Thoughts of Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa at home in their 1 acre garden Grandpa was a scientist but no one paid him too much heed. He was a naval officer, Chief science officer, presumably naval lieutenant or, perhaps commander. I have never found out but I presume to have inherited the rank in British society. He had written about a voyage subsequent to WW2 where his ship promoted most ratings to officer rank, a 20 th century voyage of discovery where everyone made progress on their naval rank post war, so that most of the ships complement ended up as officers at the end of the voyage. This was led by a Rear-admiral so it must have all been legitimised by the mandarins at Whitehall. Grandpa never really approved of their pandering to communist sympathies. How many tweets make a twat again David Cameron? I think he was talking about Nick Clegg. #JokeOfTheDay my grandma thought I was an upper-class twit after I went to Eton. She thought it was more important to get a car and go on dates and make ou

Housing Needs in House Search for Asperger’s Diagnosis

Essential requirements: ·          Quiet away from traffic and flight path ·          South facing windows for sunshine in the morning ·          Triple glazing and proper A rated insulation ·          Hedge and fence around property to block pollution A detached 2-bedroom property, 2 bathroom, 2 storey with attic and basement, study, dinning room, living room and kitchen with utility room, garage and small lawn all around property. Looking for something on a 10x10m plot with house on 8x8 m plan. Things requested: ·          Shower and a bath ·          Air conditioning system with air filtration ·          Tennis or squash court ·          Swimming pool ·          Vegetable garden ·          Conservatory ·          Solar panels ·          UPS (uninterrupted power supply) device and battery backup ·          22 foot high ceilings ·          Detailed plastered finish ceiling ·          Fireplace ·          Security/blackout shutters ·