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Thoughts of Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa at home in their 1 acre garden
Grandpa was a scientist but no one paid him too much heed. He was a naval officer, Chief science officer, presumably naval lieutenant or, perhaps commander. I have never found out but I presume to have inherited the rank in British society. He had written about a voyage subsequent to WW2 where his ship promoted most ratings to officer rank, a 20th century voyage of discovery where everyone made progress on their naval rank post war, so that most of the ships complement ended up as officers at the end of the voyage. This was led by a Rear-admiral so it must have all been legitimised by the mandarins at Whitehall. Grandpa never really approved of their pandering to communist sympathies.
How many tweets make a twat again David Cameron? I think he was talking about Nick Clegg. #JokeOfTheDay my grandma thought I was an upper-class twit after I went to Eton. She thought it was more important to get a car and go on dates and make out at the weekend.
Grandma had a car at 17 and could take her boyfriends out if they didn't have a car. She had it much better than her older brothers who were brought up less wealthy. But she was only worth about £100,000 of her own money when she died. Shame she didn't win the lottery.
Everyone knows: Joe Bloggs, PC Plod, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Postman Pat, Thomas the Tank Engine, Captain Pugwash and Roger the Cabin Boy, Christopher Robin, Mr Toad of Toadhall, Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, Billy Madison #whoyouknowinengland #soverybritish But I knew my grandmother.
Though the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy Christian-official-religion-state it is in fact trying to be a secular democracy to itself, with a republican alternate culture. #Politics But let’s not forget the Anglo-Saxon/Danelaw concept of blood money that controlled society or the Brythonic micro-kingdoms as the underlying foundation of British society.
Grandma was good with numbers. She had watched every episode of Coronation Street since it started and played the National Lottery every weekend, once winning a £500 prize!
Grandma and Grandpa met at the Officers Mess where Grandma was a WREN. After the war they just got together without saying too much. Grandpa had discovered oil in Iran, whilst working for Anglo-Iranian Oil now BP. Life was tough in London for a junior officer – always being ordered about. Even with great responsibilities of managing the science of the D-Day landings, securing oil supplies and countering German technology no honours were forthcoming from HM Government due to top secret nature of important work.

I was wondering whether it was my Grandpa or Grandmother who had their way: Following on from what the Princes have said the Army should have re-branded its motto to something like: "Normal, ordinary, standard, typical, #decent," rather than: "We all need a little more room to live #lebensraum." But, sadly, the Army paid bribes to Iraqi generals instead: “Army, be the best!” WW2 was won and lost on the power of air superiority. WW3 will be won on the strength of Cyber Security. Public order based on education and qualifications: can you really give that order or is it fake? Same thing happened with Moon landings being called fake. #embarrassing Grandpa thought they were real since he was given the evidence by Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon, at a conference in the USA.


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