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East is Red

MEAA at BRLSI Friday August 26 th 2016 7pm Mary Ginsberg former curator of Chinese Collection British Museum Notes by William Gaskell Red is auspicious colour of Chinese culture related to Imperial Chinese ceremony and secular Chinese festivals. Red is colour for fire: ritual sacrifice supported Emperor and state – red colour. Red was dynastic colour for Ming dynasty, surname Zhu meaning red. Red was official colour of honour. Emperor would officially wear yellow robes for ceremonial official engagements but we can see red coloured objects used for officials at court and appearing in other garments as a signifier. 1959 everyone lost the land they were given by the revolution to collectivisation, people lost privacy to communal living. Red dragon in calendar made it seem great. From 1960 Chairman Mao stepped down at head of state of China but remained Chairman of Politburo and the Communist Party. Red soldier painting was approved for posters. Red app