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Thoughts of Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa at home in their 1 acre garden Grandpa was a scientist but no one paid him too much heed. He was a naval officer, Chief science officer, presumably naval lieutenant or, perhaps commander. I have never found out but I presume to have inherited the rank in British society. He had written about a voyage subsequent to WW2 where his ship promoted most ratings to officer rank, a 20 th century voyage of discovery where everyone made progress on their naval rank post war, so that most of the ships complement ended up as officers at the end of the voyage. This was led by a Rear-admiral so it must have all been legitimised by the mandarins at Whitehall. Grandpa never really approved of their pandering to communist sympathies. How many tweets make a twat again David Cameron? I think he was talking about Nick Clegg. #JokeOfTheDay my grandma thought I was an upper-class twit after I went to Eton. She thought it was more important to get a car and go on dates and make ou
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Housing Needs in House Search for Asperger’s Diagnosis

Essential requirements: ·          Quiet away from traffic and flight path ·          South facing windows for sunshine in the morning ·          Triple glazing and proper A rated insulation ·          Hedge and fence around property to block pollution A detached 2-bedroom property, 2 bathroom, 2 storey with attic and basement, study, dinning room, living room and kitchen with utility room, garage and small lawn all around property. Looking for something on a 10x10m plot with house on 8x8 m plan. Things requested: ·          Shower and a bath ·          Air conditioning system with air filtration ·          Tennis or squash court ·          Swimming pool ·          Vegetable garden ·          Conservatory ·          Solar panels ·          UPS (uninterrupted power supply) device and battery backup ·          22 foot high ceilings ·          Detailed plastered finish ceiling ·          Fireplace ·          Security/blackout shutters ·

No leasehold in new housing

What about a settlement in my favour? I'd like to have an affordable house built for me in Bath as I haven't been compensated for the being harassed by the disruption the new building program has caused. It should be affordable on the benefits that the local council knows I've received and also with reasonable adjustments for specifications to the disability which I have a diagnosis for. It's appallingly corrupt as I don't get my cut as a local agent even though I'm patently involved. I expect a settlement rather than a vague statement and police to arrest the corrupt officials if I complain. They need to pay their way in my city as they have committed offences, there is evidence and a civil arbitration would ask them to make a payment in restitution. I think it is reasonable to assume I own one of the affordable properties built in my city now?

Criticism for the Tory Government in Britain

My criticism for Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Conservative Party would be from a financial perspective; the Tories have been poor on cost control and paying off stakeholders: extravagant wages and unpaid benefits bills. There have been no real compensation cases for human rights linked to the British education and qualifications system which is indicative of systemic failure at the grassroots. This means that there is a lack of opportunity for British people to do the work that they want to do; they are not being acknowledged. And a phoney social mobility scheme is propagating due to corporate culture being given precedence over British culture in public life.. I think the outlook could be negative for British finances with another credit rating downgrade for the UK, perhaps by two notches! My point is that it's the EU Pinkerton Agents getting the better of Tory government with Donald Tusk lording it over you from his office of power in the EU you won't get treated better in Eur

Notes from Energy & Utility Forum 2017

1. Robert Symons, CEO of Western Power Distribution said: “Energy demand could rise by 100% by 2030. Smart grids will be needed to manage electric vehicle charging so that the usage does not exceed the supply capacity at any time during the day.” 2. Spoke to Harry Vickers, Business Development Manager of Camborne Energy Storage, Camborne Capital at the Energy and Utility Forum in London on October 23rd 2017. He told me his company is working with Elon Musk to bring Tesla battery grid storage solutions to the UK. 3. Spoke to Sally Barrett-Williams, Chairman of Energy and Utility Forum on October 23rd, who said subsidies for solar projects had ended and her company’s focus has shifted to energy storage schemes. 4. Spoke to Simon Dowland, PhD, at 13:00 on Sunday 29th October, Simon is now working up in Cambridge at the Cavendish Physics Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, he is working in industry for the company Eight19 Ltd a spin off from a research project to bring ne

Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash and Celery Soup

Sweet potato soup in fridge, ready to be heated by adding boiling water. Ingredients: Garlic, ginger, peppercorn, cumin seed, salt, pepper,  dill, two sweet potatoes, whole butternut squash, couple of sticks of celery some olive oil and 1.5 litres of water. Wash, peel and dice butternut squash, sweet potatoes and celery sticks. Heated table spoon of oil in deep bottom saucepan, add peppercorns, cumin seed, garlic and ginger on high heat. Add sweet potato and fry it for a bit. Boil 1.5 litres of water and add it to sauce pan after 5 minutes of frying. Add remaining butternut squash and celery ingredients. Add some salt and dill. When boiling vigorously turn heat down to minimum, cover and simmer for 1.5 hours stirring occasionally. This makes a thick and warming autumnal soup. Add boiling water and ground pepper to texture and flavour finished dish. (Add more water to make more bowls of soup).

Camden Crescent and Hedgemead Park

Camden Crescent at the centre of the image, just above Hedgemead Park viewed from Prior Park Landscape Gardens Here are my thoughts: Did you know that Camden Crescent, originally Camden Place and Upper Camden Place (which is now round the corner) was named after the Earl of Camden, Charles Pratt, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer so sponsored the scheme with his symbol on every door and crest of the exchequer on the decoration at the centre of the crescent? Charles Pratt was actually lord of Camden Place in Chislehurst in Kent. He was mates with William Pitt the Elder from Eton and Cambridge days. It was built 1788-1792 by John Eveleigh the architect.  One third of the 22 house crescent collapsed during a landslip which claimed 136 houses on the slopes of Lansdown Hill leading to the creation of Hedgemead Park below Camden Crescent. John Eveleigh was notoriously bankrupted in Bath, being called to the coffee shop in the Bath Chronicle by his creditors. Earl Camden was famous