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RE NHS crises with council funding slashed and social care cuts.

Mark, my response to your concerns would be to tell you about my industry: In the nuclear industry missing targets and deadlines in the supply chain has bent the whole delivery of new reactors out of schedule and turned a 5 year, £3 billion build into a project that cost £10 billion extra and took 10 years longer* using a discounted cash flow. Similarly, in your industry you've been let down and abused by people outside of government: people from the lowest tier of education/experience only need to know of people from the top tier being treated properly to be healthy because of socioeconomics having physical implications in our world. I'm worried that my friend caught a chest infection and is missing his commitments in church as a result but I blame Tony Blair and his Protection from Harassment Act and his famous quote: "Education, education, education". The nuclear industry would mainly want rate payers at the bottom end of the income spectrum - the working c