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Thought of the day

[slideshare id=26535288&doc=egyptpsrstudent-130925071919-phpapp01] Egypt: Politics, Society, Religion de Lyricus I just had a thought come to me today about what Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party were saying about the three classes in British society, following on from my Pilgrim course on the Beatitudes where I think Jesus refers to Ancient Egyptian society in Matthew's Gospel when Christ had authority over the scribes in the temple making him at the top of the Egyptian society pyramid (you can Google it for a diagram): Corbyn must have been referring to the classes as those known by: 1) who have big established names/titles/property to go off (crips in US street slang, Upper class in informal British), 2) educations/qualifications/job titles/professions (bloods in US street slang, Middle Class in informal British) 3) medical diagnosis/convictions/notoriety/celebrity/personalities (vatos locos Mexican for crazy dudes in US street slang, Lower class in informal Briti

Advent Chicken

Advent Chicken Wash hands thoroughly before and after touching raw meat, as well as before and after cooking. "An army marches on its stomach!" - Napoleon Bonaparte Ingredients: Organic Free Range Chicken   cut into fillets/legs/thighs 600g One organic leek Half a dozen organic carrots A few organic apples Organic black peppercorns Organic tarragon A couple of organic cloves. 300g rice One organic red cabbage Organic cider vinegar Organic cardamom Organic vanilla essence Salt Olive oil Serves four people. Cooking and preparation time 45-50 minutes. Preheat oven to 200-220 degrees centigrade Wash apples and vegetables thoroughly, removing any dirt and prepare by peeling carrots, and removing outer layers from cabbage and leek and cutting off the ends of the leek. Placed chopped carrots and leek on the base of a baking tray, using tin foil to line the tray. Core apples and insert a clove into the hole then add to