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Blackhole driven explosions

And the dynamic universe Prof Carole Mundell started in 2007 as prof in Bath Sun is an ordinary star. Gives us life. Light colour of distant galaxies tells us about physics of stars. Such as Doppler shift and whether stars are new bright blue stars or old dying red stars. Cro magnon man drew cave paintings of constellation. Such as Taurus the bull or Orion with a planet crossing it's path leading to a new feature. Kepler saw moons about Jupiter. Took his gamma ray burst data. Found a pattern for the planets orbit. Stellar mass black holes a few miles across 300 times mass of our sun collapse at the end of their lives. Shadow of a black hole. Detecting a black hole: detect mass falling in to black hole such as stars and gas and their movements due to the gravity. Merlin massive radio telescope near border with Wales. Auger network of detectors in S America. Non-stellar AGN emissions massive jets of particles and gas emitted explained by black hole. Spinning dis