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Housing Needs in House Search for Asperger’s Diagnosis

Essential requirements:
·         Quiet away from traffic and flight path
·         South facing windows for sunshine in the morning
·         Triple glazing and proper A rated insulation
·         Hedge and fence around property to block pollution
  • A detached 2-bedroom property, 2 bathroom, 2 storey with attic and basement, study, dinning room, living room and kitchen with utility room, garage and small lawn all around property. Looking for something on a 10x10m plot with house on 8x8 m plan.

Things requested:
·         Shower and a bath
·         Air conditioning system with air filtration
·         Tennis or squash court
·         Swimming pool
·         Vegetable garden
·         Conservatory
·         Solar panels
·         UPS (uninterrupted power supply) device and battery backup
·         22 foot high ceilings
·         Detailed plastered finish ceiling
·         Fireplace
·         Security/blackout shutters
·         Roof balcony
·         Wood panelling and finished interior walls
·         Sky light
·         1 gbps internet connection
·         Patio
·         Kitchen and bathroom extractor fan
·         Walk-in wardrobe
·         Boot room/drying room
·         Good mobile phone network reception
·         Bike shed
·         Pleasant view
·         Sound proofing
·         Tiled floor and new carpet in bedrooms
·         Good lighting
·         Copper pipes plumbing with water storage tank and water filter and purifier
·         Sliding doors downstairs (no slamming)

·         Extra-wide staircase


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