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100 Years of Superconductivity, Professor James Annett
BRLSI (IOP South West Branch) 6th May 2011

Prof Annett graduated from Cambridge and completed post doctorate studies in Illinois before moving to Bristol in 1994 as a lecturer.

1897   JJ Thompson discovered electron
1900   Mark Plank quantum physics
1905   Albert Einstein and the photo-electric effect, special relativity and Brownian motion
1908   H Kamerlingh Onnes liquefied helium at 3 degrees Kelvin
1987   James Dewar liquefied hydrogen

Superconductors expel ALL the magnetic field, they are perfect diamagnets.

BCS Theory solved in 1956 which explains such things as ‘coherent states’.
Þ    Electron-lattice attraction near Fermi momentum (Energy level)
Þ    Leads to Cooper Pairs of electrons
Þ    Near band gap energy (The conduction band electrons are all paired up)

‘Gauge symmetry’:
Ø  Not as would be expected from nature
Ø  Nature NOT symmetrical (!?!)
o   Leads to theorized Higgs boson

1986 the Tc (critical temperature for superconductivity) first breached the theorized limit of 30K from BCS theory (new types of superconductor invented).

[Random thought: Bionic implant for the eye to assist in eye focussing.]

Binding energy for superconductors attached to magnets
Ø  (There are three different mechanisms depending on type of superconductor.)
o   doping diagram of superconductivity being affected by alloy being doped

Uses of superconductors in the current world:
·      Superconducting power grid
o   High density of current
·      Superconducting motors
·      Computing

What to expect?
·      Possibly reach room temperature superconducting

[Random thought: People must intimidate each other for having good eye-sight in the West generally but this trend is now being reversed and it can be seen that people wearing glasses are now facing the threat of violence for being short-sighted]

The optical properties of superconductors are mainly in the infrared so far (via interaction with Cooper pairs of electrons for bullshit example).

·      Possible application in bionic eye implant as a focussing sensor for the eye.


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