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We could be winners, not just survivors.

(If you were to write a letter to someone, would that change your relationship to that person or yourself?)

At university there is a lot of very shallow posturing as to who gets to do who first. But if you leave anyone out, everyone becomes a loser.

In a Zero-Sum Game, it only takes one winner to make everyone else a loser.

In order to counteract this negativity, there needs to be some form of limitless resource for everyone to gain in order for everyone to keep what they already have – something more tangible than Credit.

The feasibility of the future of Human continuation lies in space.

With dwindling resources on Earth and an ever increasing population, there needs to be some outlet for the pressure building (the days of mass-consumption are almost over, I would say those involved should be shot). The cost per prisoner or dangerous non-conformist will soon be so extortionate that it would become more cost effective to launch them into space to live on the moon and mars and other mining colonies further away as happened in British colonial times. It is very easy to regulate the lives of such prisoners in such completely controlled environments. This would keep the Earth safe, and provide them with a new start somewhere else. And it would also give the real pioneering space-faring buccaneers some people to lord it over.

To start with space will have to be heavily regulated. An organisation would need to be set up to keep the Earth free from debris under the UN. Maybe some form of energy/laser/'Trac'rrr' beam system could be utilised as an effective weapon for planetary defence both against aggressors and debris cluttering the space around the Earth preventing space launches. Nuclear weapons are not effective, for this. (Metamaterials composed of composite components with an overall net energy dispersion effect will soon render almost all forms of weaponry obsolete)

Space launches would have to continue, but the materials sent into space would have to be reused, as there is only a finite supply of things on the Earth. So an organisation could be set up to reuse decommissioned satellites and rockets on new space projects, if there is a cost effective way of achieving this. This would be similar to the American Skylab space stations of the past. For example objects already launched could be pushed into geosynchronous ‘parking’ orbits, or boosted into more easily manageable clusters with other objects at a lower altitude. These objects could then be used in conjunction with conventional space exploration apparatus to establish a more convincing presence on the Moon.

There would also be a space ladder constructed of a large self assembled superconducting Carbon Nanotube at the Equator, to become a ‘Space Elevator’. This would remove the excess Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere so humans can keep on going.

Once small bases are established on the earth and Mars humans will have a reason to keep going there, as there will be a lot of investments on these places (to prevent further ‘recessions’). Military bases will follow these initial outposts to guarantee resources for the UK for future exploitation.

Once there are people on the Moon and Mars, mining operations would be underway, and the Moon would be converted to a kind of shipyard for building spaceships to send people and equipment to Mars and the asteroid belt.

‘Nanobots’ could be used for these operations, or GM bacteria. Else it would take raw manpower with manual equipment.

The most economic way of transporting a large amount of material between the Earth and Mars would be a kind of system where a large spaceship would be placed in an permanent orbit around the sun swinging about the Earth and Mars every couple of years with a little rocket-ship to get people up to speed to embark and then disembark (Buzz Aldrin came up with this idea on his way to the Moon). A captured asteroid could be converted into this purpose or a large spaceship could be assembled in space using materials from possibly the moon and the earth. Unless there is a breakthrough made in energy transfer physics, the current generally-accepted physical model makes it extremely difficult for large amounts of energy to be utilised. Once things get underway, serious controls will be needed to ensure that the physical model becomes even more robust and difficult to understand. As simple easily-assembled devices that can yield nuclear warhead level energies would destroy everything. (Only people with security clearance are taught even basic physics for the next phase of human development, I would say even Newtonian physics is too advanced).

With large scale exploitation and movement of materials, there would be the danger of changing the orbits of the Earth-Moon system, so the asteroid belt would be the likely place for space-based factory exploitation industries to power Life off the Earth.

Mars could be ‘Terraformed’, using a combination of sustainable energy defence systems for the planet’s atmosphere and Ice/Methane asteroids impacting on the planet. Else large shopping mall style developments would be made to house people in boxes or glasshouses like in Centaurus in Pakistan. Alternatively, on Earth there will be a move towards ‘Underground Development’. Underground skyscrapers (alongside actual tall buildings in the advanced cities) will be made as secure multi-level hermetically sealed nuclear shelters. They could be powered by geothermal energy sources or solar farms above the ground in arid environments. Bacteria and other types of life could exploit this energy to produce light and grow traditional human crops and other animals in a sealed ecosystem, that will eventually be sustainable enough to survive without the external geothermal energy.

Once the Fusion energy technique is perfected, Jupiter could then be used as a ‘short-term’ twin sun if ignited by this process, for colonization of its orbiting moons. More likely, life would move towards sustainable artificial self-contained habitats that could utilise the energy source of the cosmic microwave background radiation to propagate around the Galaxy (like a Maglev superconducting train or better!)

This would all take some serious investment and commitment. Daily life would not need to change apart from the localisation and return to the more archaic system for the non-elite educated masses, but the macro-economic models would need to be rearranged for this to happen. With credit becoming increasingly easy to obtain and re-refinance, this is likely the only solution to the current credit crisis: A 10 billion dollar budget could be converted to a $370 billion budget with government approval and ‘semi-privatisation’ (in Nasa’s particular case could start to be operated more like a bank like a successful Northern Rock). And it is a real solution without cheapening human or animal or plant life on Earth. There would just be created another class of human citizen in space. Segmented society would be the most advanced method of keeping certain individuals powerful enough to maintain equilibrium, alongst a robust and fulfilling existence for every individual. Alongside this some serious biotechnology needs to be developed to propagate the human biosphere around the solar system. In my experience of medicine/cosmetics it is only the natural products that actually ‘work’, because they change you naturally.

The UK has the World’s largest space industry. There will soon be a UK manned spaceflight program operating separately to the European one, as the European one is falling behind in the developmental schedule, due to a lack of talent. (only the UK actually managed a successful empire due to the ethos of the lifetime Bureaucrats and other extremely well-paid people from ‘educated’ backgrounds)


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