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I think that the key to the future success of the UK will be how we manage the people who live in the UK at the expense of the state. I think that the 'benefits' system is the only way to keep the UK at the top of the game internationally.

I have a Physics degree and come from a powerful international Economics background.

I want the state to start investing financially in the UK branded educational products. This will be reflected in the amount of money you can claim as an unemployed person. If you leave school without any qualifications you would be able to claim 'JobSeekers Allowance'. Increasing benefits payments for UK qualification from £8000 per year for those with 20 GCSEs grade C or above to £12000 per year for those with post doc qualifications from the UK system.

This will have huge implications on an international level. Firstly it will put a price on the UK qualifications sponsored by the state that no other country would be able to compete with, for example if India tried to implement this system it would be at a Rupee equivalent with 80 Indian rupees to every British pound, making loser Brits 80 times richer than their equivalent in India. Secondly it would increase the power of every UK citizen to a level where it would be reasonable for the British government to intervene in every case of a British citizen being abused by a non-Brit, provided he gained an appropriate level of British qualifications.

It would also stimulate the economy in the UK allowing for small business to thrive locally and expand abroad bringing more tax revenue back to the UK and adding clout to the UKs economy and also providing a barrier to immigration to those who are not already wealthy or well connected or willing to learn.

This system would help to eradicate crime in the UK, as everyone could lose their autonomy, and everyone would be prosperous leading to an 'economic boom'. We are all voters, we should all be wealthy. Most importantly it would save the English system that has provided us with so much literature and science and culture and would be the only serious way of claiming to be a social society.

What if the Americans tried to pirate this idea? We would have to bring their system down.


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