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Active Galaxy Jets
Prof Worrall, University of Bristol
Herschel Society Free Public Lecture, University of Bath 17th November 2011

  1. She Assumes Black Holes are at centre of all galaxies
  2. The small scale pattern of one light year or less affects larger pattern of length scales of over 100,000 light years through some feedback process.
  3. Black Holes emit radiation through matter falling into them
  4. Jets are visible to us as products of synchrotron radiation
  5. We can view the jets using X-rays
  6. X-ray jets only last for about 30 years
  7. radio jets are much larger
  8. X-ray Jets can be over 3000 light years in length
  9. I think there must be some other explanation or mechanism to explain 10 million degrees centigrade temperature of hydrogen gas in the jets.
  10. Jets inefficient radiators
    1. (Inefficient at entropy?)
  11. Jets involved in feedback loops between black-hole growth and new star formation.
  12. Does cold dark matter play a part in this process? Can Cold Dark Matter be explained by interactions between relativistic particles and those travelling in “super-lubricated” frictionless tubes faster than the speed of light?


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